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3 waste reducing products you need now

We all remember the summer heatwave of 2018 in the UK, here in the south we hit highs of over 30 degrees celsius. Whilst many of us were out enjoying the sunshine, it probably didn't register for most people that the hot weather was a consequence of global climate change.

I'm sure many people enjoyed the record temperatures and were none the wiser of the cause, unfortunately I feel the UK media missed a huge opportunity to use the real life event to create a direct link to what was happening and educate people on why. Lots of people will make changes if they are aware of the catastrophic effects climate change is having on our planet and how they directly affect us all.

If you are interested in learning a little more about climate change there is a good article you can read by The Guardian.

If everyone started to make even a few small changes it can have a huge effect, so here is a roundup of some products you can purchase today that will help you to go a little more green.

Reusable Straws

You may be aware of all the fuss recently surrounding McDonalds change to paper straws and the public were so up in arms about it that thousands of people even signed a petition to bring back the plastic straws! 
There is no need to use a plastic straw when you can buy a set of stainless steel straws that come with a handy carrier so you will always have them on you when you need a sturdy straw for your milkshake! These straws from Amazon even come in a range of amazing colours and a pack of 8 for only £5.99 means that you can give one to all of your family members!

Why Use A Steel straw?

Good question! Most plastic straws are too lightweight to be picked up by the mechanical recycling sorting machines so they end up being disposed of as normal waste therefor end up in landfill. Sadly a lot of plastic straws even find their way into our oceans, nearly everyone is aware of the harrowing picture of the sea turtle with a plastic straw jammed in his nose. So by swapping to a reusable straw you are doing your bit to prevent this from being as bigger issue and your plastic straw won't be one of the approximately 8.3 billion that are littering the worlds beaches!

reusable straw, stainless steel straw, metal straw, eco friendly

Reusable Shopping Bags

I know you're probably thinking this is old news Michelle! Yes you're right, since the plastic bag levy came in I'm sure you are using your own bags when you go shopping. But are you still putting your fresh produce in those annoying little plastic bags they have dotted around the fruit and veg aisles? Everything seems to be packaged in plastic and even if you decide to buy loose onions, tomatoes or potatoes, the chances are you've had to put them into a plastic bag which is somewhat defeating the purpose. In which case you need some reusable produce bags in your life, if you already take your own shopping bags to the supermarket it's no extra hassle to take along a few drawstring produce bags. You can get a pack of 4 from Amazon here for only £6.99 or if you buy a lot of fresh produce at a time you can get a bumper pack of 9 bags for £9.99

eco friendly produce bags,

Reusable Coffee Cup/Water Bottle

If you aren't already on this band wagon then why on earth not!? I've written before about using your own cup when you go to a coffee shop as it's a no brainer. It saves you money on your drinks from most high street chains as they offer a discount if you use your own cup as well as cutting down the amount of paper cups that end up in landfill or floating in your local rivers. With regards to water bottles, they are a much better option than single use plastic not just from the waste perspective but also because lets be honest most of us work somewhere that has a water cooler so you can fill up your own bottle and you haven't had to spend a penny but a lot of water bottles now are insulated as well which means you don't have to worry about your water getting warm even if you've left it sitting for hours.
This cup even collapses so you can throw it in your handbag with no problem, and it comes in plenty of cute colours.

travel mug, reusable coffee cup, eco friendly

I already have a water bottle but I came across this one on amazon that has a lifetime guarantee and will keep your drinks hot for 10 hours, or drinks cold for 20 hours! No more cold coffee or hot water, win win! SHO Fortis Water Bottle - £23.98

insulated water bottle, reduce plastic, eco friendly

All of these products are available on Amazon, so if you buy them today you can start using them tomorrow. It's so easy to start making small changes, that if everyone did would have a huge impact. Share this post with someone who is looking to reduce their single use plastic, maybe you could even split the pack of straws between you? ;)

Be the change you want to see in the world. On that note I have so much love for initiative companies like Skipping Rocks Lab who have created biodegradable and totally edible drinks pods. Their creation was recently handed out to runners at the London Marathon filled with Lucozade Sport to help tackle the amount of plastic bottles used at the event.
The idea behind the product is mainly to reduce the waste at big sporting events and music festivals as the pod can be filled not only with water but cocktails in a little bite sized morsel! Check them out in the video below.

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