Sunday, 28 October 2018

My Halloween Display

Halloween has been one of my favourite times of year since I was young. Sadly my parent's didn't really celebrate it, and when I was little I would be lucky if we got a pumpkin to carve, let alone decorations or trick or treating! I was 13 the first time I went trick or treating, yes THIRTEEN! That was only because I was deemed old enough to go out alone with a friend that year and my mum had arranged that we would walk to the other end of our town to my uncles house and she would come and collect us.

Back when I was a kid there wasn't a huge amount of the community that took part in Halloween and there weren't many kids out trick or treating but dear lord did we come home with some serious bounty!! That first year we got so many sweets and chocolates and even quite a lot of money, we thought it was the most amazing night of our lives!

I grew up watching movies like hocus pocus where it seemed like towns came alive at Halloween and every household took part with decorating and trick or treating and I was so jealous and vowed that when I was a grown up I would partake 100%.

Sadly the UK still isn't quite up to the US standards of celebrating and most houses are left undecorated at this time of year. Halloween decorations have always been limited to the cheap tack you get in the card stores, so when I started reading blogs years ago and saw how real homes were decorated in America for Autumn I was hooked. I knew it was just what I wanted to be able to do but finding the quality decorations was not easy. Luckily in the last couple of years some more classy decorations have started sneaking in thanks to stores like TK Maxx and HomeSense where the goods are of course being shipped over from America. I'm sure in years to come we will have a wide choice of decorations and I look forward to being able to go around the stores and filling up my trolley with lots of spooky stuff.

Rae Dunn Halloween

I am slowly building up a collection and have bought a few items this year and have enjoyed having them displayed in my home. Next year I will be moving onto bigger and better things and have big plans, I just need to figure out where to store all of this stuff come November 1st.....

rae dunn halloween mug

My collection is made up of items from various shops and I even struck it lucky whilst in TK Maxx and HomeSense because I got some Rae Dunn halloween cups and mixing bowl. I can't wait to add more items next year!

How do you decorate for Halloween?

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Fudge Kitchen Cambridge

Cambridge is a beautiful place to visit, it's an array of intertwining cobbled streets choc full of gorgeous shops where even the chains manage to fit in with the unique style of the city by keeping the old building fronts in tact. It's so easy to lose hours whilst wandering around what feels like a real life Harry Potter-esque set. The buildings have a mix of Tudor and more Gothic style architecture which looks especially stunning during autumn with all the red and gold leaves blowing around on the streets and the burgundy ivy growing up the walls of the buildings.

The Fudge Kitchen stands proudly in the centre of Cambridge where they hand make fudge in an array of wonderful flavours, they even have 2 vegan ones! Seeing as I don't visit Cambridge very often I decided to splurge and buy a chunk of both the coconut vanilla and salted caramel fudge because trust me they are both so creamy and delicious. The salted caramel flavour is made with a soy milk base, the texture of this fudge is quite gooey which I personally really love. The coconut vanilla flavour is made with a coconut cream base so is good for people with a soy allergy, the texture is a little firmer and slightly more crumbley. My personal favourite is the caramel because well.... salted caramel need I say more!

vegan fudge, fudge kitchen cambridge

Whilst in the shop one of the guys told me they are happy to make custom fudge flavours for you and he mentioned chocolate orange and maple both of which would be right up my street.

Their packaging is so cute and totally gift worthy if you have a friend or family member who's partial to some fudge. The little paper bags are adorned with very true phrases like "hey! You lookin' at my fudge" and "not gonna make it home in one piece"

vegan fudge, fudge kitchen, salted caramel fudge

vegan fudge, fudge kitchen, salted caramel fudge

It's so lovely to see smaller businesses catering for vegans, I'm finding it more and more now that I will be somewhere and find vegan products unexpectedly which is a world away from what it was like when I first went vegan and most restaurants didn't cater and the supermarkets had little to no vegan products, let alone a small independent shop.

Cambridge has some really lovely eateries that make vegan food, stay tuned to my blog for the most amazing vegan meal I had whilst there, blog post coming soon.

Now I know that hiking all the way to Cambridge for vegan fudge isn't something everyone can do, don't panic, I got you. You can buy affordable vegan fudge from Ethical Superstore, or if you're in the market for something a bit more special then Fudge Kitchen do sell their products online, check out Yumbles for a box of their decadent fudge that's perfect to give as a gift.

vegan fudge, fudge kitchen, salted caramel fudge

vegan fudge, fudge kitchen, coconut vanilla fudge

The Fudge Kitchen
11 Kings Parade,
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