Friday, 19 January 2018

The Journey of Life

I have spent some time thinking about what makes me unhappy, but more importantly what I think will make me happy. I've spent lots of time researching happiness, what makes people happy and scientific studies into happiness, health and well-being.

I've learnt that food, exercise and people make the biggest impact on how happy individuals are. Luckily then all three of those are on my check-list for the next year as things to concentrate on.

This year I want to get my butt off the sofa way more and get out and be active. Doing more active things in my spare time with friends is going to be a goal, combining being social with exercise is good for your mental health and happiness, and less time spent on the sofa eating party rings means my jeans won't feel so tight! Win win.

Experiences is another big one for me, I feel like I've missed out on so much due to circumstances in my life but also because I've felt like I shouldn't be spending my money on non essential things because you never know what disaster is around the corner that you'll need the money for. This is a life lesson I've learnt through more than my fair share of problems, but it's also stopped me living. So although I have lived through and overcome a lot of hard times in my life, I've developed this metal restriction that makes it very hard for me to spend large amounts of money on anything other than necessities. Last year I was much better at trying to live in the moment rather than always putting everything off. I need to remind myself often that you only live once and you should collect memories not things.

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At the beginning of last year I wrote a list of things that I wanted for 2017, I haven't looked at that list for a little while because I know I won't have made steps towards much that is on it. Until now that is, a new year means I have found a sense of power and drive within myself that I was lacking before. I have somehow found some courage to push forward, break my boundaries and try harder to achieve my dreams. I feel motivation to keep fighting forward, motivation to get up and do yoga in the morning and continue to eat the right type of food and the strength to avoid junk food. I'm hoping that the motivation will make way for habit, because I think that a habit to eat and live well, will keep me on the right path during moments when my motivation falters.

I need to stop looking back, because after all I'm not going that way. Shit things have happened, and there will probably be more that happen in the future, but I am here and I've made it this far without losing my mind (mostly) and I'm stronger than I often give myself credit for. I'm a survivor and I will make it through whatever is thrown at me and I have to remember that life is about progress not perfection.

I hope that you are finding some inspiration to work on some areas of your life you are unhappy with, and keep following your own journey to happiness. Lets make this year the best yet.

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