Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Vegan Pizza Hut

With all of the big pizza chains now offering vegan options it was long overdue that Pizza Hut finally stepped into the 21st century and started offering vegan cheese. When I first heard about the launch of Pizza Hut offering Violife cheese I was intrigued, I had tried violife cheese way back when I first went vegan and wasn't that impressed. But I figured for a big chain like Pizza Hut to consider using it, they must have thought the flavour was realistic enough to fit in with their brand.

Sadly Pizza Hut are only doing an initial trial with Violife in 5 of their restaurants, even more annoyingly they are all in the South of England and not very widely spread. The following stores are taking part in the trial until November 26th: Bluewater, Canterbury, Chatham, Crawley and Thanet.

Lucky for me I don't live too far away from Bluewater so I knew that I wanted to try the vegan pizza and show support in the hopes that they will keep it on the menu. A few weeks ago we rocked up to Bluewater on a Monday night to sample the delights, you can swap the dairy cheese on any pizza for violife so it's a good option for people who are dairy free as well as vegans. I decided on the heavenly veg pizza which has black olives, cherry tomatoes, caramelised onions and rocket. Usually this pizza comes with goats cheese, so we swapped that out for the violife, then scuttled on over to the salad buffet to load up whilst waiting for our pizza to arrive.

Vegan Pizza Hut, Heavenly Veg, Violife cheese

When the pizza arrived at our table I was so excited to try it, the cheese looked gooey and melty and slightly browned just like you would expect of dairy cheese. I dove straight in and stuffed a piece of the ooey gooeyness into my mouth and was totally amazed! The taste and texture of the melted violife was so good, I was totally in love. Since going vegan pizza isn't something I bother getting very often because lets be honest, pizza without cheese is like Christmas without presents. It's ok but not as fun. I have tried the offerings of Zizi and Ask who use Mozzarisella in replacement of Mozzarella cheese, and although it's nice it just doesn't have the stretch of firm feel of Mozzarella. I personally prefer the Violife on the Pizza Hut version, so much so we headed all the way back again this past weekend to have another pizza in case it disappears from the menu.

Vegan Pizza Hut, Heavenly Veg, Violife cheese

Enjoying the pizza so much also encouraged me to give Violife another chance at home and I bought some and loved it way more than when I tried it nearly 3 years ago. I believe the recipe has changed since then because I thought it was a soya cheese but it's now made with a coconut oil base which may be the reason I prefer it now.

I really hope Pizza Hut roll out Violife in all stores because I look forward to the day I can order it for home delivery on a saturday night and enjoy it in my pyjamas in front of the telly!

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