Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Finding Essex Treasures for Autumn

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Everywhere you look at the moment people are saying how much they love Autumn, this sort of thing is dominating social media right now. I went to visit a pumpkin patch for the first time in 2015 and sadly I didn't get to visit one last year and may not this year either, sob sob. However I did get to visit this little Essex treasure that I think you need to know about.

Norpar Barns is a hidden gem out in the Essex countryside, it may be small but it's perfectly formed. I was drawn in because I wanted to go and see all the ugly little pumpkins, gourds and squashes that you won't find in the supermarket. If you are hosting a Autumnal dinner party and want cute little pumpkins for centre pieces or you want to dress up your home for the season then Norpar is the perfect place to visit to stock up. They currently have a spooky little barn set up with Halloween stock as well which is dimly lit with lots of things that will make you jump so be warned!

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The other side of the courtyard is their little shop which is choc full of stunning artificial flowers and homeware. You can buy dried lavender by the cup which would be perfect if you're crafty and like making little gifts for people because you could fill little fabric pockets with the lavender and use it to fragrance your wardrobes. I picked up some cute little miniature pumpkins to use in a crafty project, but they have plenty of things you could use from cinnamon sticks to dried lemon slices and pine cones. It's certainly worth checking out if you're wanting lovely Christmas gifts, and on that note their Christmas Barn opens this weekend, I expect it will be full of beautiful items to decorate your home with, and old fashioned foodie items so if it's not too far from you I really would recommend a visit.

Norpar Barns, Essex, Navestock, Autumn trips,
Mini pumpkins, autumn, crafty autumn

Are there any places in Essex you think are worth visiting this Autumn? I would love to hear your recommendations.
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