Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Enjoying Autumn with ginger hot chocolate

If only Autumn would last longer, the cooler weather that is perfect for wearing jumpers without coats, the beautiful golds, reds and browns of nature and time to start curling up indoors with hot chocolate! Ok, so you can do that any time of year but it feels better in Autumn somehow.

Michelle Louise Love, ginger hot chocolate

I have been increasing my intake of fresh ginger root for health reasons so experimented with ginger hot chocolate and wow it was good. The ginger gave not just flavour but warmth to the drink which I absolutely loved. I managed to turn something that is usually considered a naughty treat into a somewhat healthy drink by making it with roasted unsweetened almond milk (which is only 13 cals per 100ml might I add), cacao powder and chopped fresh ginger which I steep in the milk as it's heating. I make it in my big mug because ya know..... it's good for you.

How do you like your hot chocolate?

Michelle Louise Love, hot chocolate

Sunday, 24 September 2017

What I've been up to

I've been AWOL from my blog for some months but that doesn't mean I haven't been living. I have still been enjoying life and going out, I have done some amazing things in this past year. So I've decided to do a roundup of some of the things I have been up to.

I got in my yearly trip to an outdoor cinema, this year I returned to Roof East in Statford to see the Lego Batman Movie, it had rained really hard all day so my friends and I had been watching the weather from work with fear that the night would be a washout. Luckily the sun sneaked through the dark stormy looking sky and the rain held off so we were able to enjoy the film and even stuffed our face with some patatas bravas from one of the food vendors.

I went to the Overdough party in the summer, who knew there was a party dedicated to cocktails and pizza? £15 for a ticket and for an hour I got to drink unlimited sex on the beach out of large red cups sitting in the sunshine in the beer garden of Rolling Stock in Hoxton, then another hour stuffing my face with mushroom pizza. I would recommend the events, they change location every month so it's always in a new venue around London. They may have stopped for the summer but no doubt they will be back next year.

overdough party, rolling stock, hoxton, Michelle Louise Love

I climbed the o2! At the start of July when we had that heatwave a crazy friend and I thought it would be the perfect time to climb to the top of the o2. We had been talking about doing it for over a year and at the last minute decided we would just book the tickets and go. It certainly gives your ankles and legs a workout but it's totally worth it when you reach the summit and get to look out over Greenwich. I plan to do it again for the twilight climb because I would love to experience the view in the dark.

up the o2, Michelle Louise Love, greenwich, london, climbing o2

Attended the Chelmsford beer and cider festival. I wasn't entirely sure this one was going to be for me because I don't like beer at all, but my friend asked me to come along and I thought, why not! The summer festival is held in Admirals park annually, the entry price varies depending on time of day but even at peak time is really reasonable and you pay a refundable deposit for your glass. I love that idea because it stops the use of horrible environmentally unfriendly plastic cups. Then we hit the huge cider and perry marquee because neither my friend or I like beer. I was amazed at the amount of local brews on offer and they were all colour coded with info on how strong they were and how sweet. We were hunting for the sweet perry's with the most fun names! I loved the fact you could order a third of a pint, because then I could try more or the varieties on offer. I think my favourite was called Crazy Goat. I would highly recommend looking to see if your local area holds any festivals like this, they are a cheap and fun way to spend an evening whilst supporting a lot of your local breweries.

I hit Miami Beach cinema on London created by backyard cinema for a fantastic evening that I can't recommend enough. Backyard turned an old warehouse into a great space by covering the floor with sand, giving you beanbags to sit on and installing palm trees, surfboards and a lifeguard tower. The atmosphere in the cinema was amazing, we saw Pitch Perfect and everyone was clapping and singing along and the final scene was quite emotional because the cinema lit up with coloured lights and everyone cheered! It may not be cheap, but for a one off treat it is well worth the experience you will get. I will remember going to see Pitch Perfect at the miami beach cinema forever. Here's a post about another great pop up cinema. 

I finally went to to Hawker House food market, I used to live in Surrey Quays and sadly there wasn't anything like this when I lived there. There is a great vibe about the place and it's the perfect spot to hang out with friends, you can all have something different to eat because there is loads to choose from so you don't all have to agree on one thing and can have a taste of each others food ;)
Earlier that day I also went to play crazy golf at Swingers, we all know that playing crazy golf in London is super expensive for what it is. But the drinks there are really over priced sadly, but it's worth a visit just once.

Swingers golf, London, hawker house, martini weekender, Michelle Louise Love

I went to a corn maze for the first time. I have wanted to do this for a few years so was so happy to catch the last day of the corn maze at Blake House in Essex and even happier that the weather was dry. When you pay entry for the maze you can pay an additional £1.50 for a sealed envelope with a map inside that if you return unopened you will be refunded for. Unfortunately after wandering around and seeing the same tree many times over we relented and opened the map! I'm sure this would be even more fun if you gather some friends and have a challenge to see who can make it out first. Next year that is the plan.

I went to Alice Underground at the Waterloo Vaults, this was my first time attending immersive theatre and I really enjoyed it. Being involved in the events that take place in the play is something really different to the way you would normally experience theatre. Sadly Alice Underground has now come to an end but I have a feeling it might come back at some point in the future as my friend went to see it back in 2015, so if you missed out make sure you keep your eyes peeled in case it makes a comeback.

I acted like a kid in an adult only ball pit! Whilst visiting Boxpark in Shoreditch my friend and I spotted one of the containers was filled with bright coloured balls and we couldn't resist going in! I haven't been in a ball pit since I was a child and this was nothing like I remembered, when I fell down it was the hardest thing to get myself back up again.

Ball pit, boxpark shoreditch, Michelle Louise Love

I discovered the magic roundabout in old street. This venue has a hidden entrance in the tube station that leads to the venue concealed in the roundabout of Old Street. There are several food vendors inside as well as 2 bars, music and a dancefloor. It's a great venue with lots of interesting little areas to sit down in, just be aware that because it is an outdoor setting that there are a lot of smokers! It was a shame because I don't know if I would go back on that basis alone, it gets really busy and my idea of a good time is not having loads of people blowing their second hand smoke in my face!! This venue would definitely benefit from a no smoking policy.

The Real Greek, Westfield Stratford, Mezze, Michelle Louise Love
Mezze at The Real Greek

Along with all the stuff above I have had plenty of coffee dates with friends and eaten at lots of good restaurants, as well as some nights out enjoying cocktails. I will hopefully be back in the blogging game as I do like that my blog is my online diary of the wonderful places I go and it will be somewhere I can look back to remember for years to come.

Michelle Louise Love, stratford, london, cocktails

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

I'm back

Michelle Louise Love, urban exploring, graffiti, lifestyle blog, essex, brentwood

It's been nearly a year since my last post, that year has gone so fast but there has been so much change. After my last post I felt a shift emotionally and I just didn't feel in the right space to continue blogging. I personally feel that my creativity, writing ability and motivation are very much tied to how I feel, so if I don't feel quite myself then I find it difficult to create blog posts or even come up with ideas.

May of last year I began a personal journey to help cure myself of my depression with natural therapies. I didn't get around to doing a conclusive post of how I feel a year on, and that wasn't because I was still feeling bad. There have been lots of ups and downs but somehow I do feel I am coping better than I would have previously. The whole project did open my eyes to a huge amount of suppressed information about our health. I spent probably hundreds of hours watching talks and seminars, reading papers and studies as well as reading people's personal experiences on curing illness or chronic disease with natural therapies, and it made me realise just how important it is. In western society we have been taught not to believe in the power of food, plants and exercise. From the time we are little we are told that medicine is the only way forward for most things and we buy into it because it's easy to swallow a pill if we think it will fix the issue.

The problem is that medicine is unnatural and with most drugs there will be a whole host of side effects that will eventually make you more unwell than you were to start with! When you have a cold do you reach for the beechams or lemsip? People around the world would make a hot honey and lemon rather than putting something unnatural in their body. People in Greece or Turkey would apply yogurt and cucumber to soothe sunburn, in England we are more likely to reach for a product marketed as "after sun".

I discovered that garlic is just as powerful as warfarin but you don't see people going to their GP and being told to eat garlic everyday, instead they are put on blood thinning medication!

Just like people suffering from depression are put straight on medication to mask their feelings rather than trying to find the root cause! It makes me angry that there are so many people that will spend the rest of their lives on anti depressants because the medical system is failing them. It's quicker to shove someone out of the surgery door with a prescription for some pills than send them to a dietitian and a counsellor. Some forms of depression are nutritionally caused, if you are lacking in certain vitamins and minerals it can cause you to feel depressed. How many people that turn up at their GP's mercy are told that one? Of course not everyone would choose the more holistic route because it would take effort on their part to make changes to their life. I know there are people that would rather just take medication, but I am also sure that there are plenty of people who would like to be given the choice to not be stuck on medication and just need the tools to help themselves.

There seems to be a fundamental issue with our society and we are moving further and further away from whats important in this country. I read a paper about how London is one of the loneliness capitals of Europe, and do you know what loneliness leads to? You got it, DEPRESSION. There are elderly people all over the country that are literally giving up on life because they are lonely and have no human contact. It makes me so sad that it is so rife and yet people really have no idea it's happening. Other European countries put so much importance on family, friends and food, and that is for very good reason!

From personal experience I felt my worst when I was alone, I have a terrible habit of cutting myself off from people when I feel a bit blue and it's the worst thing you can possibly do for your mental health. If you isolate yourself it will only make you feel more down, because humans aren't solitary creatures. There's truth in the old saying "a problem shared is a problem halved", I'm not saying it will fix everything but it really does help. Don't underestimate the power of a support network.

Now I know I have been rambling and most people probably won't have made it to the end of this post, but this is a subject I am very passionate about. I hope if you have read this, you will be more open to a few natural therapies. Maybe drinking that peppermint tea instead of reaching for a rennie, or try drinking ginger tea if you feel a bit nauseous.

If you are interested in anything I found whilst researching then feel free to ask.

Have a good day everyone!

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