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Juice Kitchen Chelmsford | They are Juice Geeks!

Juice Kitchen Chelmsford, Essex

I went along to meet Richard, the mastermind behind Chelmsford's swanky new Juice Kitchen, I really wanted the chance to get to know the guy who wanted to fill the gap in the market in the town by giving us not only something much needed but also different. Chelmsford is full of chains, we have all the usual suspects, Starbucks, Costa, Nero, Pret..... the list goes on. What we really lack in the town is independent and unique vendors providing something a little different. Luckily Richard spotted that Chelmsford would welcome an idea such as his eagerly.

Juice Kitchen, chelmsford, essex
Juice Kitchen, Chelmsford

In 2015 Richard dreamt of opening a juice bar and set about looking for the perfect location, after some time he came across the disused bank at the top of the high street and envisioned what he could do with the vast space. In the summer of 2016 his vision started to come together as his team gutted out the old bank and turned it into the open, clean and modern space it is today. He has paid particular attention to the staff at Juice kitchen, he has selected all the individuals based on their personable attitude and talents in their field to make the eatery something really special.

Juice Kitchen, Chelmsford

I sat with Richard for almost 2 hours talking about his decision to step away from his previous career and take a leap into something new. Wanting to provide the local community with good healthy food and drink choices was something close to Richard's heart after suffering from ill health himself and turning his eating habits around to get himself back on the right path.

Juice Kitchen, Chelmsford
Chocolate brownie at Juice kitchen, chelmsford, essex, gluten free

As more and more people are making conscious decisions to look after their health by eating better, we seem to be moving away from the junk food trends and instead opting for good honest healthy food, Juice Kitchen is definitely at the forefront of that for the town. Currently you can pop in for a freshly pressed juice or smoothie made from local ingredients, or get your caffeine fix from their wide menu of Lavazza coffee, you can even have it made with almond milk! They offer lots of options for lunch as well from wraps to salads all prepared with fresh ingredients on site in their kitchen. Soon you'll also be able to grab your breakfast from Juice Kitchen as they are working on their fantastic menu which will include breakfast pots which will be a god send for those of you running to catch their early morning train because they are early birds and are open from 7am.

Fruit compot and yogurt, juice kitchen, chelmsford
Juice Kitchen, chelmsford, essex

Richard is passionate about creating food for everyone so they have put thought into providing options for people with dietary needs as well as offering vegan friendly food as well. Their is such a wide selection to choose from whether you are looking for a meal or just a snack they have it covered.

healthy snacks at juice kitchen, chelmsford
juice kitchen chelmsford

Juice cleanse chelmsford

Behind the scenes a lot more is also going on; with big plans to make their healthy food so much more accessible, they have been setting up lunch time delivery with some of the local businesses, because we know so many of you eat your lunch al desko! But don't worry if you don't work locally because they also have meal prep options available as well for those of you who are too busy to be able to make yourself healthy meals. You don't have to live off the dreaded microwave food when you can have delicious and healthy food prepped for you by Juice Kitchen. All you do is pick your protein from a list including honey and coriander salmon, vegan mixed bean falafel, or lemon & basil chicken, add in your carb such as wild rice, herby cous cous or sweet potato wedges and a side like broccoli, or grilled mixed veg and you've got yourself a healthy meal all ready to go. Meal prep prices start from £3.50 per serving for bulk orders, so now you have no excuse not to eat well!

Juice kitchen ethos

They are also offering Juice Cleanse packages if you want to benefit from a detox and kick your body back into action. You don't have to go the whole hog if you don't want to, the options are flexible and you can do a one day juice cleanse right up to a 5 day cleanse.

cold pressed carrot juice, juice kitchen, chelmsford

Juice cleanse, juice kitchen chelmsford

Richard wants to take a charitable approach with the Chelmsford business by giving back to the local community and supporting something that is also close to my heart by working with Essex based homeless charity Chess. Juice Kitchen will be providing the coffee and bacon butties for the annual sleep out in the Cathedral grounds to raise money for the charity taking place on November 25th.

Richard has a very giving nature and will also working with the charity this year to provide a hot meal and warm place to sit and eat for up to 50 homeless people on Christmas Day. This is an incredibly admirable thing to do, especially for such a young business. Whilst most people will be tucked up in their warm homes opening their gifts, Richard's team will be working to feed some of Chelmsford's many homeless. I think you'll agree that Juice Kitchen is setting a great example and is just the sort of business we need more of in our town!

If you're interested in their juice cleanse or meal prep service ping them an email for more details on

Juice Kitchen
Chelmsford High Street

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