Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Crafting Collaboration with Gem's Country Life

This post encompasses two things for me, there have been studies that show that crafting can help with depression. The concentration needed for crafting can help produce a natural high and create feelings of happiness and calm, this is definitely something I need in my life. Social connections are also another factor for happiness, people who have good friendships and live in tight communities often live longer happier lives.

Blogging brought Gem and I together, without it we would never have met. I am grateful to have found such a wonderful friend through our hobby. Being in similar circumstances in our personal lives has brought us closer and means we have an understanding of where the other is on an emotional level and can provide support.

Autumn garland

Bringing friendship and crafting together creates an all round therapeutic environment, then if you throw in wine, pizza and plenty of tea and biscuits you have the makings for a perfect afternoon! Gem and I each picked a project and kept it a surprise, I chose an autumn garland made from old book pages, string and mini wooden pegs, Gem chose a watercolour painting.

Rustic autumn garland

Whilst the Cricut was cutting out the leaves from the book pages we stuffed our face with pizza and doughballs and then set to work on making our garlands. I love Autumn and really like the idea of decorating my home with more natural rustic colours which is why I chose to use string, wooden pegs and brown card to make the garland. I'm really happy with how it turned out and can't wait to put it up.

watercolour canvas
watercolour paints

A couple of weeks ago Gem and I spotted these cute watercolour canvas kits in Hobbycraft so I was really happy that she picked these for us to do.

I'm really happy with how my canvas turned out and it is now sitting proudly on my sideboard in my living room.

Getting together with a friend to have a chilled day of making things is really fun, so grab some great food and get crafting. After all, it's good for your mood!

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