Thursday, 18 August 2016

Turtle Bay | The caribbean comes to Chelmsford

Chelmsford is having a serious makeover at the moment, new restaurants are popping up all over the place to temp peoples taste buds and the latest to join the party is Turtle Bay. Located right outside the exchange entrance to High Chelmer shopping centre which provides plenty of space for outdoor dining. Turtle Bay is a welcome addition to Chelmsford, variety is the spice of life and we were screaming out for something different in town. Turtle Bay certainly brings summer energy into the dullest day, when you step inside, the eclectic mix of lighting and decor transports you to a crab shack on the beach and you can almost feel the cool Caribbean breeze blowing through your hair. The smell of spices and BBQ fill the air and the music pumps through your veins.

Turtle Bay Chelmsford
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The cocktail menu is in my opinion one of the best things about this place, its extensive with 15 different drinks to choose from and they are fresh and new not the same old stuff regurgitated.

one love cocktail, turtle bay, chelmsford

Turtle Bay really manages to bring soul and good vibes into restaurant form, when you step inside you can really feel a very unique energy, a real party atmosphere that makes you want to drink a little too much! Good for their bank balance, but maybe not so much for yours.

one love cocktail
cocktails, turtle bay, restaurant, chelmsford

There's a large choice of different food that should hopefully suit most palates, just remember majority of the dishes will come with a slap around the face from the spice! Even the spiced chocolate pot came with a huge serving of chilli that my friends were less than impressed with, so order with caution and only if you like it hot!

I have to say the Run Down one pot was delicious; brought to the table in a rustic looking pot with a couple of dumplings on the side. Inside a spiced coconut stew is sweet potato, butter beans, carrot and pieces of corn on the cob all served with a hearty portion of rice and peas!

Caribbean food, turtle bay, chelmsford
run down one pot

Turtle Bay adds a little bit of sunshine and spice to Chelmsford and is well worth a visit or two! If you check it out let me know what you think?

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