Monday, 15 August 2016

Crazy Golf at Roof East

I spotted the crazy golf course on top of a building in Stratford and decided I had to go!

Roof East occupies the space on top of the original Stratford shopping centre, they have created a chilled out recreation space for Londoners to enjoy, with roof top cinema, a bar, food stalls, ping pong tables and a 9 hole crazy golf course.

I sat outside Stratford station waiting for my friend to arrive being bothered by some random man asking me if I liked fashion and wanted to swap social media links with him. I was pretty glad to spot my friend and escape the barrage of questions, not to mention the smoke from his cigarette that was encompassing me!

We entered the lift on the ground floor and ascended all the way to the roof top, upon stepping out we were met with a security guard who wanted to check our bags and he spotted a muffin that I had bought and not yet eaten and insisted that I had to leave it in a box by the entrance or eat it before going in! I understand that they don't want people bringing a picnic and pitching up to enjoy the view but I thought he was taking it a little far to confiscate a muffin! So a word to the wise make sure you have nothing in your bag you don't want to lose, even a bottle of water isn't allowed!

birdies crazy golf, roof east, London, roof top golf
Birdies crazy golf, roof east
Believe it or not it was actually a really hot day, just very stormy looking.

The roof top used to be an open car park, so the worn parking bays of its former life remain on the ground, the space has been decorated with quirky old cars now living out their days as elaborate plant beds. Spirited Mixers provide the bar service, and although busy you don't have to queue for too long to get a drink. They have a good selection to temp you into having one too many and have a list of cocktails on offer. They also have neat little chip and pin machines so you don't have to come loaded with cash which is always a bonus in my book, the never carry cash queen!

Roof East, Stratford

The view over Stratford is wonderful, especially as the sun goes down so I would recommend sticking around into the evening, but why wouldn't you, it's a great way to while away the hours and with food, drink and music on offer whats not to stay for?

Birdies crazy golf

The atmosphere is super chilled, and it seems that most people are pitched up for the whole day so tables and chairs are a scarce commodity, I suggest if you see one free you run for it and tackle anyone who gets in your way.

spirited mixers, roof east

The golf course itself wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be for its £9 price tag, in my opinion it could have been a little larger in size but it was fun none the less. There are handy tables at each hole so there's always somewhere to put your drink whilst you take aim and most importantly somewhere to lean when writing down your score! Whoever said its the taking part that counts probably always lost! ;)

It didn't take us long at all to complete the course despite there being people in front of us it all moved fairly quickly. Because there was just the two of us we progressed with speed and all in all it took us about 20 minutes in total.

roof east, roof top golf, London, birdies

Rockadollar dogs was our eatery of choice and man was it good! Their chips are triple cooked to perfection and could quite possibly be the best chips I've ever eaten! Their cheesy dog was also amazing even though it's quite possibly a heart attack waiting to happen.

Rockadollar Dogs, roof east, london

All in all we had a pretty good afternoon and I do plan to go back before the summer is over, I highly recommend it.

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