Sunday, 10 July 2016

Park Life #YearToHappiness

A couple of weeks ago I arranged to meet my friend Gem to go for a photo walk in a couple of our local parks. Luckily it turned out to be a really nice day after the week of rain and flooding we had had; the weather was warm and most of the ground had dried out. Although we did come across the odd area of grassland that was still under water which seemed to create lots of excitement for a golden Labrador who was having the time of his life playing fetch wading through the water (and mud)

I have been trying to make a lot more effort to go out more and spend time with existing friends as well as making new ones, being around people really lifts your mood especially if its people you feel comfortable with and can really talk to about why you're feeling down. I haven't known Gem for that long but she is one of my favourite people, we met last year through our mutual hobby of blogging and we don't live far from each other so we have come to spend a lot of time growing our friendship. She is someone who I can be myself around and be honest with, which is exactly what I need. Making connections with people who can support you through your down times is really important when you suffer from depression, and I'm so glad I have found that in Gem.

ducks in central park Chelmsford
ducks in central park Chelmsford

It was so lovely to just stroll around Central Park and take photo's of the wildlife, the ducks are so friendly and swim right up to you expecting to be fed. Being outdoors with nature is really calming and I can feel it doing me good.

Central Park chelmsford
Central Park chelmsford
Viaduct, Chelmsford

Chelmsford is so picturesque, I love looking at the beautiful old viaduct with it red bricks that contrast perfectly with the green grass. There were so many little places to stop and take in the moment, I had a really great time.

Flooded grassland
Chelmsford viaduct
Chelmsford, Essex
Viaduct arches

Central park has some perfect spots to lay and sunbathe on a warm afternoon, we even spotted a group of people slacklining between some trees.

I'm still taking small steps towards becoming more happy, I keep trying to step outside of my comfort zone and enjoy life. I hope for lots more great memories along my journey.

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