Sunday, 22 May 2016

Year to happiness experiment

Most of my adult life I have been conservative with money, I've avoided doing so many amazing things because I've let myself think too much about the price and decided I best not. I've envied other people for taking life by the horns and really living it. When I really think about it, where has being this careful with my money got me? I'm not really any better off after all this time for having been so conservative, after saying no for so many years I just have a lot of regrets of all the trips, festivals and holidays I never did, all the experiences I missed out on. Life is short and I'm beginning to feel like I've spent most of mine living inside a cocoon waiting for the miracle day when I could spread my wings. Over the last few years I have become more and more depressed and have probably reached an all time low.

Well I've waited long enough, and I've decided to launch an experiment. I want to see if one year of saying yes, chasing my dreams harder than before and following some scientific based research into what makes people happy, will make me happier. A year where I say yes more and will actively seek out new experiences, and my blog will be at the centre of it all.
I want all of my wonderful readers old and new to comment and suggest things for me to do and follow me on my journey.

I've been watching a lot of documentaries about happiness and life longevity and have researched how a person's happiness really can make them live longer. It's also been proven money doesn't make you happy so it begs the question why have I made myself unhappy saving money and saying no to all the things I've wanted to do because they cost too much? My experiment is going to really encompass all of those questions and statements and I'll see where I end up in a years time, will I be happier or just broke and still unhappy?

Depression, happiness through nutrition

I want you guys to get involved, if you know of something cool in your area or something that you think would be amazing for me to do then I want to hear about it! If you're another blogger that would love me to come and visit you and do some sort of collaboration then I want you to get in touch.

Help me to make this the best year ever and follow along with my journey.

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