Sunday, 14 February 2016

Luxemme Swing Dress

Isn't this Luxemme dress so pretty? If asked I would never think to say I like khaki green, yet I seem to have quite a lot of items in this colour, so I must like it after all. This dress caught my eye because it's got such a relaxed and pretty style, it does just what it says and swings about effortlessly. It's a perfect holiday dress because it's so light and thin and keeps your shoulders completely free from straps and sleeves.
Luxemme Elayna Swing Dress, Michelle Louise Love

I teamed it with black and gold to create a grungy look, but I can't wait to wear it in the summer with a pair of brown wedges or some pretty gold sandals. This will most definitely make it into my suitcase this year.

Luxemme Elayna Swing Dress, Michelle Louise Love

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Bake 'n' Grape Restaurant Chelmsford

Bake 'n' Grape opened under a year ago in the spot Strada used to stand on Baddow Road. The entrance off of the street is through an archway between the buildings that leads into a wonderful courtyard with fairy lights strung over head and an outside bar that's covered up waiting for summer to come around so it can assume it's starring role. I can dream of the warm balmy summer evenings spent in the courtyard with the soft glow coming from above as the darkness descends, and wonderful music being played from the outdoor speakers.

Bake n Grape, Essex, Chelmsford

Upon entering the restaurant you are greeted by the cosy ambience, the lighting was low and the colour palette is rich and warm creating a relaxed atmosphere. The ground floor has a variety of seating arrangements making it as easy to hang out on the sofa and have a coffee as well as have an evening meal at one of the dining tables.

Bake n Grape, Chelmsford

The reason I was so delighted to eat at this restaurant is because of the amount of vegetarian and vegan choices on their menu. In most establishments you will be lucky if there is one vegetarian option and it's usually an onion and goat's cheese tart!
I was so impressed with the menu on offer at Bake n Grape I asked Chris Windram, one of the proprietors of the restaurant why they have such a wide selection of veggie and vegan food.

ML: What was the driving force behind the well rounded menu you feature, why was it important to not only include vegetarian dishes but also vegan options?

CW: Whilst neither I nor my co-founder Martin are vegans or vegetarians, we do know a lot of people who are.  We appreciate how difficult it can be to find vegan/vegetarian food, and that there is only so much packet-originated nut-roast one human being can eat!  The same extended to coeliacs or those with other gluten intolerances.

Having been open for a few months now, and having found our footing, we have been able to evolve our menu to start to encompass the breadth of offerings that we always planned.  This is largely achievable by us cooking all of our dishes fresh (and thus we can tweak/add/substitute/remove ingredients), and to the skills of our hard-working chefs.

ML: Where did the inspiration come from for the beautiful décor for the restaurant and bar area?

CW: We wanted to create somewhere that we would want to go if we were customers.  We wanted somewhere warm and inviting.  Many restaurants tend to be quite masculine, and we were looking for our décor to strike-a-balance.  We were lucky to find this lovely building, and have a great landlord.  He allowed us to follow our vision and to change the building to what it is now.  Once we start getting some summer sun, the courtyard should also come into its own.  We will start using our outside bar, and it should be a lovely area for people to enjoy a drink and/or some food.

ML: Do you have any new and exciting menu changes coming up in 2016?

CW: We have just taken on a new head chef, who will continue the high standards set by the previous and evolve them further. I am certain that we will be offering a number of new dishes that will be a little different from the norm, and continuing to cover the bases of many diets.

Bake n Grape, chelmsford, Essex, food

ML: What hopes do you have for the business for the coming year?

CW: Relatively speaking we are still a new business.  Most of our customers are very complimentary of our offering, and we have a good number of regulars.  As a business owner it is, of course, my hope that more people come to learn of us, and discover that we make a great destination for weekday dining and not just for weekends.

Chunky chips, bake n grape, chelmsford

The food my partner and I ordered was all stunning, the triple cooked chips were huge and crispy and despite being full up I just couldn't leave a single one behind. My main of roasted eggplant (aubergine for us Brits) was so delicious. It tasted more like it had been cooked on charcoal rather than baked which added so much flavour, it was topped with lots of shredded veggies that were lovely and crisp. My other half enjoyed his coconut vegetable curry, having eaten that before myself I also know it it very tasty, again all of the veg tasted char-grilled which adds another dimension to the dish and really amps up the flavour, as veggie/vegans we didn't feel like we were having to 'make do' with what was on the menu. We actually had choice of lovely flavourful healthy food which is such a treat considering that I usually only have one option on a menu suitable for me and quite often I have to ask for them to alter it as well.

I really commend Bake 'n' Grape for their wonderful menu, I hope they are leading the way for other Chelmsford restaurants to start broadening their menu to include more vegan options to keep up with the demand for this cruelty free way of eating.

Bake 'n' Grape
12 Baddow Road
01245 807070

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

MAC Kinda Sexy | the perfect nude

My ever growing collection of MAC lipsticks has many colours but is definitely dominated by neutrals and pinks. I have found a deep love of matte lipsticks that I never thought possible, I like the way they look and their staying power is immense even after eating and drinking.

Nudes are easy to wear and look classy and classic, and I just had to share this one with you. Kinda Sexy is a beautiful shade, not too dark, more of a camel colour if you will.

Michelle Louise Love, MAC kinda sexy

I've had the lipstick for a little while but last weekend was the first time I'd worn it, and now it's a fixture in my handbag. 

Michelle Louise Love, MAC kinda sexy lipstick

What's your favourite shade of lipstick? I always think I've found my favourite and then try out a new one and fall in love all over again. Forever searching for my soul mate I guess, but at least it's fun trying.

MAC kinda sexy, Michelle Louise Love

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