Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Lush Valentines Event 2016

Lush Valentines Collection 2016

It's that time of year where everything turns all hearts and flowers because Valentines day is creeping around the corner. I was invited along to Lush to see their new Valentines range, and test some of the bits out.

This years theme for the Spring lines coming out is Alice in Wonderland, you can truly see that with these adorable rose shaped soaps which true to the form of the Queen's roses being painted red, the colour wears off the more you use it and they eventually turn white. Such a cute and thoughtful touch, which I really loved.

Roses All The Way
Roses All The Way
Roses All The Way, Lush, Valentines Day

The lover lamp bath bomb is so pretty, it erupts into a really fierce fizz in the water and turns it a soft milky white. As the bath bomb dissolves away it fills the tub with lots of little pink hearts which is perfect for creating a romantic valentines bath. This bomb is fragranced with orange oil and cocoa butter to make you smell like you're bathing in chocolate.

Lover Lamp bath bomb
Lush bloggers event
Lover Lamp Bath Bomb, Valentines Day 2016

Prince Charming shower cream was my absolute favourite product from the collection. Not only is it coloured a girlie hot pink, but it smells divine. It contains pomegranate juice and marshmallow root, I think it smells just like Turkish Delight and what could be better than that?

Prince Charming Shower Cream, Lush
Prince Charming Shower Cream, Lush, Valentines

The unicorn Horn bubble bar is back for another year, but if you want this one you will have to move quickly because it's selling like hot cakes.

The Kiss lip scrub is full of sweet and salty pleasure as this formula contain salt as well as sugar and smells beautiful, oh and it's also pink!
The Kiss lip gloss has the same delicious fragrance and contains lots of beautiful nourishing ingredients. Over the coming months you will see all of the Lush balms and glosses head away from the non recycle-able metal tin packaging into plastic tubes that are better for the environment.

The Kiss Lip Scrub

This year the are five beautifully packaged gift boxes in the range, something to suit all budgets so make sure you start leaving hints for the one you have your eye on ;)

Lush Valentines collection 2016
Lush Valentines collection 2016
Lush Valentines collection 2016
Lush Valentines collection 2016

To round up the evening we all got to make our own bubble bar, which is enjoyable, if a little frustrating because I can never make them look as good as the real deal.

Making Lush bubble bars
Making Lush bubble bars
Making Lush bubble bars

I can't wait to use my own handmade bubble bar, even if I did manage to squash it slightly on the way home so it's a little less heart shaped and a little more wonky.

Making Lush bubble bars

I would like to thank Wendy and her wonderful team at Lush Chelmsford for their hospitality and putting on another wonderful event for us.

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