Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Glorious Soups

I was kindly sent some vouchers to review items of my choice from the Glorious Food range, I'd seen them in my local supermarket and was keen to try them out. Soup is one of my favourite things to eat, especially when I want a quick meal, and I love that most soups unless laden with cream are fairly healthy.

Glorious soup

Glorious have quite a few vegan soups which is fantastic so I chose Bangalore Lentil Daal soup and Fragrant Thai Carrot soup which both happened to be part of the skinnylicious soup range as well which is great if you want a lighter option for lunch or you are using them as a starter so don't want anything too heavy.

Fragrant Thai Carrot Soup

I loved the carrot soup, the fresh coriander and lemon-grass really came through and packed it with lots of flavour. The soup has a base of carrot, potato and butternut squash to prevent it from being too watery, and providing you with enough subsistence to keep hunger at bay. I however did eat the whole pot for my lunch, I wouldn't find half enough to keep me going unless I was eating it with loads of bread.

Thai Carrot Soup

The Bangalore Lentil Daal soup is really tasty and filling, its full of flavoursome spices. The only issue I have with this one is a slight bitter after taste it had but after a couple of mouthfuls you don't notice it anymore. The soup is full of spices that give it a huge flavour yet it's not spicy in terms of heat so would be good for people who don't like a burning sensation like myself.

Bangalore Lentil Daal soup

The price for the soups can be a little on the steep side at around £2.20 per pot, which I personally think is a little much for one pot of soup. They regularly come up on special deals at most supermarkets for half price which I think is a much better deal for them and seeing as they tend to have quite good use by dates on them it's worth stocking up when they are on a deal.

Bangalore lentil daal soup

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