Sunday, 3 January 2016

Bloggers invade Lush Chelmsford

At the beginning of December myself and an army of Essex bloggers invaded the Lush store in Chelmsford for a fun evening of demo's, shopping and creating. After hours, we had the run of the store to ourselves and a team of Lush employee's to tell us all about some of their products. Watching some of the products work their magic in the giant bowls of water was a great way of getting us interested as we all stood and watched in awe as the bath bombs created an array of colours and fizzed around in the water.

Lush, Michelle Louise Love

After hearing about and smelling lots of the festive delights we then got to try our hand at making a bubble bar for ourselves. The item we were going to recreate was bar humbug, the licorice smelling purple and white swirl. After donning rubber gloves we piled the slimy ingredients into a bowl and took it in turns to knead the mixture together. We were then advised to to make two sausage shapes, one white and one purple which you are supposed to twist together and squash to make the spiral effect of this bubble bar. I can tell you now that it's easier said than done as we all struggled to make our bars look anything like the original!

Lush, yog nog

Our last task of the evening was to test out the massage bars by learning how to do a hand and arm massage, this took me back to my early days of college when I used to do beauty therapy, it's been many years since I've done anything like that. I have to admit that massage bars aren't my favourite thing because they leave you feeling a little on the slimy side, but they sure do smell nice.

It was a really lovely evening, we had fun and laughed a lot whilst trying to make our bubble bars. It's always great to spend some time with other bloggers and share our hobby. Thanks to Lush for being great hosts and to the lovely Gem for organizing the event.

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