Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Lush Haul

I don't tend to do haul posts very often, mostly because I'm not really the sort of person to splurge and buy a large amount of anything. However I managed to amass a few items from Lush after 2 recent trips to my local store where I was seduced by the Christmas range.

Lush Haul
Lush Haul

I'd walked around and sniffed nearly everything in the store and settle on this bundle of goodies. I favour the bubble bars because I like the way they make mountains of bubbles, and also because I don't really understand bath bombs. All they do is fizz around in your water and make it pretty colours but you can't wash with them so you still have to use another product to do that bit. So you've paid £3.00 for something that dyes your water a nice colour, at least with a bubble bar you get more bang for your buck.

Lush Haul
Rose Jam Bubbleroon

I can't wait to use the rose jam bubbleroon, anything that smells like turkish delight gets my vote! It will make mountains of sweet floral bubbles with a little dash of glitter.

Luxury Lush Pud

Now I know I said I don't understand bath bombs, but it doesn't stop me being seduced by their pretty colours, the luxury lush pud is going to make my bath water look colourful and seeing as its predominate ingredient is lavender this one will be saved for a bedtime soak.

Floating Island

Floating island is a bath oil and one that I'll be using for a decadent soak in the tub. I get quite dry skin so this is a good choice for me.

The Experimenter

The experimenter is one I'm looking forward to using quite a lot because I saw this one being used as a demo in store and it was amazing. It's so colourful and even has popping candy in it! I feel like a kid at the candy store.

Star Dust

Star dust drew me in because of it's amazing smell of vanilla and rosewood. It's absolutely beautiful with its small flecks of glitter.

Yog Nog Soap

Yog Nog smells delicious with its notes of fudge, soya yoghurt and nutmeg. If I could warrant the extreme cost or indeed had the space in my bathroom I would buy the whole big round soap! That wouldn't be at all excessive would it?

Yog nog bath bomb

I know, I know, there's a lot of bath bombs here for someone that doesn't "understand" them; but with the similar fragrance to the soap I was just sucked in! Yog Nog smells so warm and delicious because of the cinder toffee, clove and ylang ylang. Completely suckered!

Bar Humbug

Bar Humbug is not necessarily something I would buy myself because for some reason I can't seem to smell it's fragrance very well, which was also the butt of many a joke whilst we were making these. (yes this was made my own fair hands, which is why it looks less appealing than the ones in store)

Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly is so festive looking with its Holly leaf and berries and ton of silver glitter. It has a subtle spicy smell and was more than enough to fill my bath with so many bubbles twice over the festive period.

Lush Haul

Did you buy yourself any of the Christmas treats this year?

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