Saturday, 26 December 2015

Gingerbread House Party

Every year I obsess over all the beautiful gingerbread houses on the Internet.  I seem to have hundreds pinned on pinterest as well, and I always aspire to create one just as wonderful as the pictures. I thought long and hard about it and like most things gingerbread decorating is better done with friends. With this is mind I decided to create a a gingerbread house party and seeing as my best friends children were going to be the star guests I wanted to make it as magical as possible. Queue my mind running away with me and the ideas getting very elaborate!

I hit the Internet for inspiration, and it was there in abundance. I drew up my plans and started creating how I would decorate everything.

I wanted to create a dessert table with some lovely treats, I settled on the below.

dessert table, gingerbread house party

To minimise on the amount of work I had to do in the lead up to the party when my time was going to be very short, I purchased the gingerbread houses ready made from Tesco for £4.00 each, so they just needed to be stuck together and were good to go. This is a great shortcut if you plan on arranging a party yourself, it saves you the time and stress involved with making them yourself and is a life saver if you're not a confident baker! They were fabulous for store bought DIY's and were really well made and so simple to put together and came with packets of icing with a nozzle that made piping easy. In the past when I have bought pre made gingerbread houses the icing was terrible quality and came in a pack where you snipped the corner off, so I was really impressed with the standard of the kit from Tesco.

Gingerbread House

I wanted drinks on hand for adults and children to be able to help themselves to, so I settled on mulled wine for the grown ups as I could have this prepared and staying warm on the stove so people could serve themselves when they wanted a top up. For the children I made chocolate orange milk served in cute little milk bottles rimmed with hundreds and thousands.

chocolate orange milk

I didn't want the kids running high on sugar so I wanted to have a savoury option to eat especially as the party would be taking place shortly after lunch time. I wanted something quite simple and non stressful that people could help themselves to when they were hungry. I made olive and mushroom pizza with a healthy red pepper houmous & celery sticks as the side, with some fancy crisps for snacking.

The party was a real hit, the children (and adults) enjoyed themselves and the kids even asked if we could do it again next year!

gingerbread house party

Head over to my instagram to see some pics of the finished houses.

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