Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Movie Night | Blogtober

Sometimes you need to turn something a little ordinary into something extraordinary just by adding a few special little touches. This was true of a plain old movie night I had planned for the boyfriend and I.

Instead of lounging on the sofa as we always did, I turned the living room floor into the most comfy cosy space I possibly could by adding lots of blankets and cushions, I lit candles everywhere so for the whole night lamps and ceiling lights were banned, we enjoyed the evening by flickering candlelight.

Movie Night

I took average cinema style foods and made them a little more special, like turning hot dogs a little more gourmet with some super tasty sausages wrapped in tortillas instead of rolls and tied up in brown paper and twine. Popcorn wasn't simply popcorn, it was sumptuous and extremely naughty with lots of added chocolate and nuts served in sweet little retro boxes.

luxury popcorn
Candle lit movie night

And our soft drinks had to be served out of jars with gorgeous stripey straws, mine with a little added ice cream to make it a coke float!

Tortilla hotdog
movie night, coke float
candlelit movie, Michelle Louise Love
movie night, Michelle Louise Love

Enjoy turning some normal into something special and create a lovely memory, have a good evening everyone.

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