Monday, 5 October 2015

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Some of you may know that I am on a mission to become more organised. I realised about a month or so ago that I was wasting time, time is precious and I spend too much of it trying to clean up mammoth tasks when I have let things slip, daydreaming about how I wish my life was instead of making it happen, and sitting on my butt thinking about doing things instead of actually doing them!

So rather than waiting until the new year I have set myself some serious goals and have been working on changing things now. I want to make changes that will keep things more organised so in the long run I have more time, I want to be using my time more efficiently, not to mention my money.

DIY cupboard inventory

One area I want to work on is my meal planning and being more efficient with groceries, I want to be able to go shopping and spend money in the right way. I wanted to come up with a system that will enable us to know easily what we need to purchase each week, so we don't run out of things we need or over spend on things we don't. With that being said I devised pretty little food logs to go inside the cupboard doors so we can keep a tally of the foods we use all the time so we can keep track of how much we have left. As you use one of these items out of your cupboard just quickly mark it off of the log so when you are compiling your weekly shopping list all you need to do is glance inside the door to see what you need to purchase rather than riffling through the cupboards to count whats left. This works really well for cupboards that you store jars and tins.

DIY cupboard inventory

What you'll need

Wrapping paper/cardstock of your choice
White board markers
Velco strips
Acrylic photo frame

Cut your cardstock to size to fit inside the frame, I also put a title on mine as this was for the cupboard I store all my tinned goods. I put the back on the frame and then wrote a list of my essentials and a tally of how many of each I have, so as I cook with them all I need to do is swipe off one of the marks with my finger to keep track of how many are left.
On the back of the photo frame you will need to place strips of velcro, place corresponding strips to the inside of your cupboard door.
Assemble the photo frame and stick to the velcro, I use a velcro dot to keep a pen inside the cupboard as well so I never have to fumble around looking for a pen whilst trying to make a meal, which would probably result in me not bothering to fill it in.

DIY cupboard inventory

This is a very quick DIY to try and help you keep track of what you have, I hope you enjoy making and customising your own!

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