Sunday, 6 September 2015

Wake me up vs Lasting Perfection

rimmel wake me up, collection lasting perfection

This is just a little comparison review of the 2 most popular drug store concealers.  I've tried both now and have a clear favourite by far so thought I'd share that with you.

Lasting Perfection

This was the first one I tried and used it right to the end of the tube and was really impressed with it. Firstly the colour match was something I was really happy with, I have very fair skin but with yellow undertones so I have always found that cheaper brands don't cater for that very well and make their fair products too pink for me. I got the concealer in fair 1 and it was a perfect match for me which was impressive. The consistency is lovely, it's not too creamy so doesn't cake but it's not too watery either so it does provide really good coverage. I love that it's more of a liquid formula and comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator, this is much more convenient than a stick concealer.
I find this product wears really well, I very rarely have to reapply throughout the day because once set with powder it stays in place all day. This is a great all round concealer and works well for blemishes as well as for under the eyes and isn't too heavy for the delicate skin. You can see from the photo below how loved the lasting perfection concealer was, all the writing has worn off!

Collection Lasting perfection
Collection Lasting perfection

Wake me up

I watched a youtube video where it was mentioned that this one is the better of the two so when I was in the market for a new concealer I thought I would give this one a go. I have to say I don't agree, after using this one for a couple of weeks I am not at all impressed with this rimmel product. This product is named wake me up because it is supposed to be a brightening concealer, I honestly can't say I have noticed any brightening effect at all, but after blending with my finger I did notice the little shimmer particles on my finger tip when it's been heavily concentrated but I don't notice it on my face. I bought this product in ivory and the colour seemed to match well, however when this product oxidises it goes quite a bit darker which is really annoying because it then shows up on my face as dark blotches drawing attention to the blemishes rather than hiding them. I also found this concealer doesn't cover very well, I have to apply so much product to try and cover redness and it still doesn't work very well and it doesn't last very long either, even after being set with powder. I have to reapply this throughout the day without fail!
This product seems to be a tiny bit more water based than the collection one which isn't beneficial for coverage.

Rimmel wake me up

 Application wise both products come in similar tubes with doe foot applicators so they are pretty much on par there but my preference is definitely the collection concealer and will be buying another one asap and the rimmel one will probably be spending the rest of its days festering at the bottom of a drawer!


Have you tried both? Which one do you prefer?

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