Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara

Maxfactor false lash effect

I'll apologise in advance for the moany post.

I've been using this mascara for a couple of months now and decided it's finally time to share my feelings on it. This won't be a super lengthily post because I mean how much can you really say about a mascara?

I don't like it! There, I've said it, it's out of the way and now I can tell you why. It's called false lash effect and to be honest if I paid for lashes like this gives me I would be taking them back and demanding a refund, it is a pretty thin formula and takes sooooo many coats to build it up so I often don't even have enough time in the morning to apply enough to give me the volume I would like. My other complaint is that it doesn't seem to give me any length to my lashes either so I just feel like calling it false lash effect is all a lie.

Maxfactor false lash effect

The two things you really want from a mascara are volume and length and I feel that this one provides neither. My last issues with this product are the packaging, I hate the bulbous lid that is really smooth plastic so when I'm putting the wand up to my lashes I feel incredibly unsteady like it's going to shoot out of my hand either onto my face or the floor, or in fact the dogs fluffy tail which has actually happened! The last thing you really want to feel whilst applying mascara is anxiety over dropping the wand maxfactor, a rubberized lid would have solved that problem. The wand bugs me because it doesn't have a tapered end so it's really difficult to apply to the inner and outer corner lashes without getting it all over your eyelid.

Maxfactor false lash effect

So there you go, the long and short of it is I simply wouldn't buy this again!

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