Sunday, 27 September 2015

Best Urban Decay Neutral Eyeshadows

For everyday wear I'm a huge sucker for a pretty shimmery neutral. They are easy to wear, great for people who don't have much confidence with bright colours and excellent for applying in a hurry because they require little to no blending for a super easy look.

So I have done a round up of my favourite neutrals from Urban Decay, because we all know I love a bit or UD.

Urban Decay Neutrals, top neutral eyeshadows


This shade is beautiful to use as a highlighter but it makes a great base colour as well for a light, bright and ever so pretty. I wear this one often, and use just a tiny amount of a taupe shade to define the crease. (Virgin is a very light shimmer shadow.)

Urban Decay Virgin


Now I know I've harped on about this one before, but really it's my go to colour and I get through it likes it's going out of fashion, my favourite duet is sin and smog. What a match made in heaven. (Sin is a shimmery mink shadow.)

Urban Decay Sin


A gorgeous neutral with a just a little hint of a mauve undertone, I adore this one, it creates such an effortless no make-up make-up look because of all its matte glory. (Laced is a very pale mauve matte shadow.)

Urban Decay Laced


This is the prettiest matte taupe, it gives just a hint of make-up and is fabulous for creating a subtle amount of eye definition. (Naked is a matte taupe shadow)

Urban Decay Naked

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