Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Thai Express at intu Lakeside

Last month I was kindly invited by intu Lakeside to check out their refurbished food court. I was treated to a meal from Thai Express which pleased me very much as I am a complete sucker for thai food. Pad thai is one of my favourite things to eat and luckily for me it's of course one of the things on their menu! 

I ordered a pad thai with tofu, and a fried rice with vegetables. Thai express is a fantastic eatery to go to if you're vegan because you can replace any meat with tofu instead and they will happily prepare the dishes without egg if you ask them to. 

Pad Thai, thai express lakeside

Their pad thai was something I could easily eat every day for the rest of my life, it had that beautiful balance of sweet and sour flavours and you add your own crushed peanuts from the cute tuk tuk style server by the counter which means I of course added plenty! The fried rice was very sticky and tasty, and riddled with crunchy carrot, pepper and broccoli slices. 

Thai Express Lakeside

Thai Express Lakeside

If you ask to have the food to take away it comes in the cutest little Chinese take out containers that almost worth the visit alone. All in all if you are looking for super speedy freshly cooked food then Thai Express is a great choice. You choose your dish and watch them cook it fresh for you right in front of your eyes. Just remember to stand back because the heat that comes off of those woks is intense enough to singe your eyebrows!

Thai Express intu lakeside

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