Sunday, 23 August 2015

Creating Beautifully Painted Nails

I am constantly coming across photos posted to the internet by beauty and nail enthusiasts keen to show off their latest nail colour or creation. However the amount of those blog posts, twit pics and Instagram shots that make you shudder and think why on earth would you think that looks good? I'm not talking about the shade of polish used because that is of course speculative, what one person will love another will hate, what I am talking about is how terrible the paint job is on these nails.

Nail polish, OPI, butter london

It is simply not cute to have nail polish all over your cuticles or down the side of the nail wall, nor is it cute to have smudges and dinks in the polish either. If you are going to tweet, post or instagram the up close photos of your nails, make sure they look good first! After all I'm pretty sure you wouldn't post a photo of your make-up if your lipstick was smudged or all over your teeth would you?

Painting nails take patience and skill but practice makes perfect. I have put together a little tip list of things you should know in order to improve your nail painting skills.

nail polish, butter london

  1.  Take your time, don't try and paint your nails in a rush, this will only end badly!
  2. Start by either buffing your nails or applying a ridge fill base coat to ensure a smooth finish
  3. Good lighting is essential or else you will end up making mistakes, make sure you're not casting a shadow over your nails when you bring the brush in towards them or you won't be able to see how close to the edges you're getting.
  4. Don't overload your brush with too much polish or else it will flood your nail or drip everywhere.
  5. A couple of thin coats is better than one thick coat, this way it will dry faster and is less likely to get air bubbles and dinks in the end result.
  6. Dip your brush in the bottle and then when drawing the brush out wipe the side closest to your body on the edge of the bottle, that way the product is left on the side that will sweep across your nail and you don't have to start spinning the brush round.
  7. Place the brush down a millimetre away from your cuticle and then nudge the polish back towards the cuticle, this way you won't end up flooding the cuticle with too much product but you can still get in close.
  8. Make sure you have enough space, it's easier to paint nails at a table so you have somewhere to put the bottle down and can put your hands out flat. If you are trying to hold the bottle as well as paint you are going to be concentrating on keeping the bottle upright and not giving your nails your full attention.
  9. Have an orange stick or dotting tool handy, that way if you do get too close to the cuticle you can run the tool around the cuticle to create a nice smooth line.
  10. Another trick for cleaning up the edges is to use a small angled brush dipped in polish remover and run it around the edge of your nails and cuticles to ensure a clean result. 
OPI topcoat

I know it's hard to explain some of these steps rather than showing you, so if you have any questions I will be happy to help.

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