Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The power of make-up

There has been a video floating around on social media about the power to change your whole look with make-up. Make-up is a very special medium for expressing yourself and giving you more confidence, but there is a fine line between it being for fun and it being necessity.

I think the pressure on women in today's society is very high, we are faced with images of models and celebrities looking "perfect" and feel pressure to look like them because everyone has come to accept those images as real, which of course many of them are not. There is no denying that a lot of those woman are beautiful but they are also photo shopped to look even better than their real selves, editing out each and every flaw they have on their face and body and even editing out things that aren't flaws but are normal human traits, making the rest of us feel inferior for having pores on our skin or blood vessels in our eyes!

Make-up can make you feel amazing, but if you have confidence issues it can also make you sink so low and make you feel that you have to wear it to feel acceptable to society or hate looking in the mirror without it on. I'm all for make-up, I based a career on it so I love it dearly but I also hate seeing women who feel so inferior without it that they won't even let their partner see them without make-up on, or can't leave the house without a full face of make-up. In those instances make-up isn't the answer, there is a deeper issue and make-up will always have a hold over you and prevent you from truly being free.

So here I am about to put myself out there for the whole internet to see what I look like without make-up on, on a far from good skin day as well!

Not particularly pleasant, my skin is far from perfect and always has been. I never grew out of the teenage phase and still suffer break outs frequently. My eyes are quite round, and my lips are naturally pale.

Michelle Louise Love, make-up

After make-up, my skin looks better, my eyes look bigger and more elongated, I have eyelashes and eyebrows (which admittedly I don't very often bother to do, shock horror!) In our society today there is a growing pressure from our peers as well, if you look through beauty blogs and YouTube you will see a million images and tutorials on how to do your eyebrows or contour your face, instilling the idea that you have to do those things to be considered attractive!

I don't believe you have to contour your face on a daily basis as part of your make-up routine, in fact I think too many people contour their nose without even really understanding what they are doing to it and if they need to contour it to begin with, they are just following the rules laid out by their favourite beauty guru! Not everyone NEEDS to contour their nose, adding shadows to the side of your nose and highlight to the centre is a trick used to make a wide nose look slim, are you telling me that each and every girl that contours, has a nose that needs to look slimmer?

The focus needs to be on each of us being individual, unique and beautiful because of that. We don't all need to follow the same strict beauty and make-up rules because we are all different and will need different things to accentuate or play down our features.

Below are a couple of images taken on my tablet using the beauty face feature, it smooths and makes everything look a bit better. This just goes to show that we are seeing "real" images less and less these days if even our phones and tablets photo shop us to look better.

Michelle Louise Love, make-up

Just remember, you are beautiful with or without make-up. Seek out a partner who makes you feel that way even when you are in your holey pyjama's with your hair a mess and no make-up on because they are the ones who are truly worthy of your love! Learn to be comfortable in your own skin, because it will make you happier than always feeling the need to hide behind make-up.

Make-up is for fun, not to make you a more acceptable person.

If you're interested in seeing the make-up I used for this look, check out my facebook page where I show you.

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