Sunday, 15 March 2015

This is what Spring is all about #EasterEdHunt

It's officially Spring, the weather has been sunny and mild for the last week and every shop you go into is laden with Easter eggs.

lindt chocolate bunny

This is all about Spring, easter bunny, Cadbury creme egg and a daffodil yellow cupcake!

lindt chocolate bunny

This is Ed by the way, Ed is quite clearly an Easter Bunny. But he's special for a different reason, he is going to be taking part in the "Big Easter Ed Hunt".
What's that I hear you ask, well, I'm glad you brought that up. Rather than a traditional Easter egg hunt, I decided that I would do an Easter Ed hunt for my beautiful readers. Up until Easter, Ed will be hiding in my photo's, and when you spot him I want you to email me his location in the photo and your name will go into a draw to win a fabulously tasty prize hamper!

It's super easy to take part, just remember to email me when he pops up in a photo to you can enter every time a new photo comes out to increase your chances of winning. For every correct answer to a photo you will get a ticket in the drawer.

Don't forget to keep popping back to check out my new posts and see what Ed has been getting up to! Have fun you lovely lot xx


T's & C's

The Easter Ed hunt will be open to people in the EU, it's not always an easy process to ship food substances abroad due to each country's import laws so I have done this to minimise confusion and issues.

You are allowed to submit an answer to as many photo's as you like, only one time per photo though. 

Your answer must be emailed, any answers submitted in the comments will be removed and the entry won't count.

There will be opportunities to gain more entries on certain days by completing additional tasks, keep your eyes open for these.

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