Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lovin' Lately

I haven't done this sort of post before, but I enjoy reading about things that other people are enjoying eating/watching/doing

Saturday mornings, for 2 years I had to work every Saturday, I hated getting up and going to work whilst what felt like the rest of the world was lazing in bed and having relaxed breakfast's and spending the day mooching about. My new job means I once again have Saturdays back, and I love waking up knowing that I have two blissful days to myself.

Breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed

In the last couple of weeks I have been completely obsessed with 3 TV shows


This show makes me wish I could be Olivia Pope, she is intelligent, sly, networked; a PR superwoman. The show is engaging and keeps you on the edge of your seat, based around the White House and high profile clients that hire Olivia Pope to help make embarrassing PR nightmares "go away" it is worth a watch, I guarantee you'll be going back for the next episode.


This show is action packed, but scarily based on a very real issue in today's world. According to current research 1 in 12 women have been stalked at one time or another, and another shocking stat is that a third of women murdered in America are supposedly killed by their partner! This show follows a department that have been set up solely for stalking crimes and it will have you hiding behind the nearest cushion as it's a pretty jumpy show.

Pretty Little Liars

I am very late to this party, I have only just started watching the first season but I am hooked. I will sit and watch 5 episodes on the trot, it would be more but I have only had one disc at a time from Love Film. It is so gripping and I am desperate to find out who A is! If you like shows that have lots of twists and turns and always keep you guessing then this is for you.

Sunshine, the sun has started to peak through in the last week and there have even been days where I have only worn a cardigan whilst walking to work. I can't wait to be able to walk out the door without a coat!

Easter goodies, the shops are all full of yummy sweet treats for easter. I have already eaten loads of mini eggs, galaxy eggs and lots of other chocolate shaped eggs!

Easter eggs

What's making you smile at the moment?

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