Sunday, 8 February 2015

Pink and Sparkly

I have a ton of Nails Inc polishes I still haven't worn yet, one of my Christmas presents the year before last was a Nails Inc gift set with 12 shades in it. I have been working my way through the selection very slowly because I have become quite lazy with paining my nails. I used to paint them once a week without fail, but these days I don't seem to be that motivated.

nails inc fulham palace gardens

Today I tried out Fulham Palace Gardens, which is a candy pink colour with small and large pieces of glitter in varying colours. The colour reminds me of hubba bubba bubblegum, it's very much a barbie-esque shade of pink. It's crammed full of glitter, which is a mix of blue, green, silver and tiny flecks of gold.

This isn't really my style, so I think this one will find its way into the hands of my best friend, who is very much about the pink and sparkles!

nails inc fulham palace gardens

Happy Sunday beauties!

nails inc fulham palace gardens

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