Sunday, 4 January 2015

Latest MAC additions

MAC lipsticks are one of my hearts greatest desires, I really like their creamy formula, beautiful shades and cute names and as stupid as it sounds I love the simplicity of their packaging and when I have a collection of something I like them all to look the same. This is pretty much the reason I have so many OPI nail polishes as well because I love the formula and packaging and like them to look neat when displayed together so another brand would spoil the desired effect. (Don't judge me)

MAC lipstick, Ruby Woo, Snob
If anyone is ever at a loss for a gift to buy me, MAC lipstick is pretty much a perfect fail safe!
For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive another 2 shades to add to my collection, I got the cult classic "Ruby Woo" as well as "Snob"

MAC lipstick, Ruby Woo, Snob
MAC lipstick, Ruby Woo, Snob

Ruby Woo doesn't really need any introduction, any beauty lover worth their salt will know this shade. It's a classic bright red that will never be out of fashion, and looks really good on pale skin. The only problem I have is that I need to invest in a lipliner to stop the colour bleeding, I need to do that before I can rock this one!

Snob is an easy to wear natural, with pinky mauve undertones that is perfect for every day wear and easy to slick on without a mirror for on the go touch ups.

MAC lipstick, Snob
MAC lipstick, Ruby Woo, Snob

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