Sunday, 28 December 2014

A little sparkle for the season

Nails Inc Knightsbridge Road

It's New Years Eve in a couple of days and a little bit of sparkle is perfect for the season, this polish by Nails Inc is a great colour to wear. It's festive and gold with oodles of glitter and holographic pieces so it catches the light and sparkles with every little bit of movement.

The base colour is a beautiful pale gold and then there are blue, pink and red pieces of glitter.

knightsbride road polish

The only downfall to glitter polish is the speed at which it chips, so I wouldn't advise painting your nails too far in adance of your party or else you won't look all that classy with huge chunks of your polish missing!

nails inc knightsbridge road
nails inc knightsbridge road

Have a happy NYE everyone!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Going a little AWOL plus some Christmas decor

It's been a little sparse on the blogging front this month, I don't know why but I have lacked the enthusiasm to sit and write for a couple of weeks and just needed a little time to myself. I find blogging is very much linked into my emotions, so when I'm happy it just flows but if I'm down in the dumps I just can't seem to bring myself to write and get on with things. So I have taken a little break just to try and gather my thoughts and whilst sitting watching a few of +Fleur DeForce vlogmas videos this morning I had the urge to put together a little blog post! (Thanks for making me feel inspired Fleur!)

13th of December, if I think too hard about the date I actually feel a little terrified, a) because I can't quite believe how we are nearly 2 weeks into December already and b) I have done practically no Christmas shopping and it's really daunting that I have 99% of it to do still!

I was on top of the xmas bandwagon at the beginning of the month and put up the Christmas tree and decorations on 30th November so they would be ready for the first day of advent, but I'm lacking the Christmas feeling this year and need some help to make myself feel more festive, any suggestions?

Here is a little peak at some of my festive decor, small and simple as I am still growing my Christmas collection, decorations are expensive aren't they? So I don't often invest in many because I have other things I need to spend my money on unfortunately, alas I have a few and when the candle are lit and the tree lights are on it does feel warm and welcoming.

Christmas candles

I always decorate the top of the chest because it tends to look a little bare otherwise, and I love that it's an expanse of space I can use to really show the season. At the monent I have some festive bowls, looking a little empty but closer to the big day I will fill them with sweets and treats, but if I do it now I will just eat the whole lot!

snowman bowls
snowman candle holder

My little snowman candle holder is cute, I bought it a couple of years ago from a garden centre and love the fact that it's mirrored as it helps reflect a little more light around. I picked up the cute centrepiece candle and mini wreath from Primark this season and I think it was only £3 which is such a bargain, I love the traditional feel of berries and pine cones and when the candle runs out I will just refill it with wax.

festive candle

These little guys are from Yankee Candle and they are so adorable, they always have a huge collection of beautiful candle holders and oil burners for Christmas and I fell in love with so many, but the little gingerbread men were my favourite and they came with a box of cranberry scented tealights as well.

yankee candle christmas

 This Christmas tree is very special to me, I actually made it at playschool when I was about 3years old and my mum displayed it every single year. Earlier on this year she finally let me have it, and I love that I can display something from my past that has so many memories attached to it.

handmade dough christmas tree, christmas crafts

This little basket is also from my childhood, it's nothing all that special but I remember having more than one of these when I was small but this is the only one I still have so it's pretty sentimental.

little christmas basket

Every year I buy 2 Christmas ornaments to go in the boyfs stocking and I try and write the year on them somehwere so we can remember when they are from. A couple of years ago I picked up these little guys, I love gingerbread men and I thought they were so adorable and at the moment they are handing on our kitchen cupboards

gingerbread men ornaments
gingerbread men ornaments

What does your festive decor look like? Link your pics down in the comments so I can have a little look.

Monday, 1 December 2014

#bundlemarathon My favourite blogs

We are already on week six of the bundle marathon now, this weeks topic is an easy one! I spend a lot of time reading blogs, I love blogs and spend way too much reading them and am looking forward to sharing my favourite ones with you.

In no particular order:

If you love nails, as I do, then this is a great blog. It's a go to place for ideas and inspiration as well as finding out all about the new polish and nails art releases. 

As the name suggests, Caroline writes a lot about cocktails but that isn't all that features on her lovely blog. It's a little bit on the lifestyle side of things and she writes about all the fabulous places she eats and drinks at, so it is choc full of yummy food. Her photos are amazing as well, always really big and well thought out.

 I dip in and out of this blog frequently, it contains a real mix of topics and posts more than once daily. The blog is run by sister duo Emma and Elsie and they provide tutorials and recipes and lots of advice. 

Kelle's blog is named enjoying the small things and I came across her space on the internet nearly 4 years ago, this is a lifestyle blog but mostly surrounding her children. Kelle is a complete dreamer and can only be described as a child in an adults body. She thinks up fantastic activities and trips for her children and her writing is second to none and keeps you completely engaged.

Victoria writes about a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle so there is always something different on her blog. She does beautiful beauty photography and puts together great style posts.

 I could keep going on and on, I read lots and lots of posts per week, and I don't necessarily follow all of the blogs I read because sometimes I will stumble across them via twitter and forget to follow but will keep reading posts when they tweet about them. There are lots of lovely blogs out there and plenty of people who pour their heart and soul into their writing and photography and they are all wonderful in their own way!
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