Monday, 3 November 2014

#Bundlemarathon Favourite Meal

This is quite easy for me, my all time favourite meal is one that reminds me of childhood and many good times. As a kid my mum used to make Shepherds Pie all the time (it was actually cottage pie, as she cooked it with beef, but we always called it shepherds pie).

I don't have a picture of my own but this one reminds me of my mum's and the recipe can be found here

It was a comforting winter meal that I used to get so excited about because I loved it that much, it was also the meal that we would have when my whole family would come together for bonfire night. Every November the whole family would bundle up in layers of cosy clothing and bear the cold to enjoy the fireworks, I used to look forward to it so much as my aunts and uncles would mess around and make lots of jokes and have us all in fits of giggles. I have amazing memories of my uncle sprinting up the garden after lighting a rocket whilst making some stupid comment about catching his butt on fire or something!

After watching the firework display we would all cram into the living room whilst my mum and nan would bustle in the kitchen getting huge dishes of shepherds pie out of the oven, they were a welcome sight with all the hot bubbling cheese dribbling down the sides of the dish as our belly's rumbled and we were in need of something to warm us up.

Photography by Ben Dearnley

There was never enough seats for all of us so some people would inevitably be relegated to the floor with a cushion under their bum, normally it was the youngest family members (sigh). The room was always filled with so much laughter, and those memories are so special to me.

I think every family has their own recipe for shepherds pie, my family's version is a little more tomatoey than most but I love it that way. My mum used to bulk it out with grated carrot, lots of peas, sweetcorn and mushrooms as well as baked beans and tinned tomatoes. Then she would pile it high with lots of creamy mash and lashings of cheese that would be grilled until it was brown and bubbly and delicious.

This is my ultimate meal filled with loads of love, whats yours?

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