Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bloggers Brunch

Last Sunday myself and a few other bloggers met for Brunch at Ed's Diner. I have been arranging a monthly meet up for bloggers for the last two months because it nice to have a chance to chat to some like minded girls over some tasty food. We share tips and tricks, as well as talking about fashion, beauty and make-up and generally just having some girly gossip time.

Photo courtesy of April Todd

Here we all are doing our best cheesy grins, whilst April uses her much talked about selfie stick.


I went for the All American breakfast after much deliberation, I was so torn between this and french toast with berries and maple syrup. Next time it will be the french toast! I'd like to say a massive thanks to the fabulous staff at Ed's Diner in Lakeside who were wonderful hosts and made sure our coffee cups were topped up at all times, and remained patient even though we probably sent them away about 6 times whilst we all tried to decide what we wanted to eat in between gossipping.

Take a little look at the other ladies lovely blogs:

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