Tuesday, 25 November 2014

50 Random Facts About Me | Tag

I don't usually take part in tags, I personally don't enjoy reading them that much so don't partake based on that. I was however tagged to do this one by @bylaurenjane and thought it might be nice to let my wonderful readers get to know a little more about me.

1) I used to live in London and miss it with every breath I take
2) I always proclaim I don't like pizza that much, but love it when I do eat it!
3) I almost have a breakdown every year near my birthday, I HATE getting older
4) If you give me a packet of biscuits I will eat the whole lot in one go #sorrynotsorry
5) I'm really fussy about ice cream and pretty much will only eat haagen daz or ben & jerrys
6) I hate really hot weather, being sweaty is not my thang!
7) I love cooking, but am scared of baking
8) Coffee is an obsession of mine, I would drink 10 toffee nut latte's per day if they didn't cost so much
9) I love men with tattoos
10) I studied hair & make-up for 3 years but now no longer work in the industry
11) I love watching movies, sometimes 3 or more in a day
12) My mind never rests, it's always full of ideas
13) Nail polish is my favourite make-up item, closely followed by eye shadow
14) I adore South American food and culture
15) If Gremlins were real, I would want to have one
16) I love spooky stuff and would love to go on a ghost hunt
17) I have loads of lipsticks but hardly ever wear it
18) I am more comfortable in my own skin now I'm older
19) I don't trust men (in fact my BF jokes I'm a bit of a manhater)
20) I would love to have a huge family
21) I hate washing up
22) I love Christmas even though it never lives up to expectation
23) I hate sprouts
24) I believe Olaf should have his own spin off show, he made frozen
25) Cheese is the most amazing food, FACT
26) Exercise is my nemesis, probably because I'm lazy
27) I love trash reality telly *hides face*
28) My dog is a massive pain in the arse but I love him
29) At times I lack self belief, I need to work on that
30) I wish I was more proactive
31) If I won the lottery I would make a fabulous rich person ;)
32) I would love to learn to do sassy Latin dancing
33) Listening to my boyfriend sing and play guitar gives me tingles
34) Sunbathing is so boring
35) I am incredibly emotional and cry over everything
36) Sambuca is my favourite shot
37) I love celeb gossip
38) I think peanut butter anything is amazing
39) I'm petrified of wrinkles
40) I don't drink enough water by far
41) I worry about everything, all the time
42) I love showers, very occasionly take baths
43) I'm always listening to music, and love to sing
44) I think Pepsi is far superior to Coke
45) Tiramisu is one of the best desserts ever
46) I don't like internet shopping, I prefer real shops so long live the highstreet!
47) Rihanna is my idol, I love her music and her style
48) Snakes scare the hell out of me, but not as much as spiders eugh
49) I would rather have a starter than a dessert
50) This list took me about 3 hours to write!!!!!

So there you have it 50 things about me you wouldn't have known, isn't your life better for knowing them now? haha

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