Monday, 13 October 2014

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrub

I have been failing miserably at blogtober, I have so many posts written out already that just needed me to make and photograph things and I really lost my mojo and felt anxious about not writing daily. But I decided rather than beat myself up about missing a few days I would just hop back on the blogging train and do my best.

Once again it's another soap and glory product because I really loooo-oove them, I thought I would chatter on about how much I love the sugar crush body scrub. Firstly I love how it comes in a big tub so it's really easy to scoop out the amount of scrub you want to use and you will be able to use up every last bit of it rather than faffing around cutting a tube in half, if like me you are really cheap and like to get every last scrap of product out of the packaging!

soap and glory sugar crush

As strange as it may sound, I really like how scrubby the scrub is. Some body scrubs just seem pretty pointless because they aren't scratchy enough to slough off the dry skin. Just a word to the wise though, this is best to use before your body is too wet, because it's a sugar scrub and if you're too damp the sugar will dissolve before you have had the chance to give your skin a really good scrub down.

soap and glory sugar crush

This product is full of delicious ingredients that smell so good you almost want to put it in your mouth to see if it tastes as good as it smells, you will be pleased to know I refrained from doing that, but if you have given in to curiosity and know what it tastes like let me know in the comments below!
It's a beautiful brown sugar, lime, and sweet almond oil concoction so as well as smelling sweet and zesty it is really nourishing for your skin. It's really packed full of oil and you will see that when you open the tub you need to give it a little swish with your finger to mix up the sugar and oil, because the oil comes to the surface and the sugar sinks. It really leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling divine though and is worth every penny of it's £8 price tag.

soap and glory sugar crush

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