Saturday, 4 October 2014

Simple Meringue Dessert

Chocolate cherry meringue

You know those times that you really really want something sweet for dessert but you forgot to buy anything and you haven't got the time or energy to start cooking something?

I have those moments all the time, but then I watched Jamie's 30 minute meals and had a eureka moment. These beautiful little pavlova style desserts were inspired by one of his recipes and they are absolutley stunning. Best of all you can always have these ingredients on standby in your kitchen so you can throw them together whenever the mood takes you!

lemon and raspberry meringue

You'll need:

Meringue nests
assortments of spreads e.g nutella
yogurt or creme fraiche
fresh or frozen fruit
honey, maple or agave syrup 
Fruit coulis (optional)


Lay out the meringue nests and using a teaspoon fill the little well in the centre with your choice of spread. In a seperate bowl crush together a small amount of your chosen fruit with your choice of honey or syrup ( or use a little coulis from a jar), you only need a little drizzle (if using frozen fruit leave out to come to room temerature or defrost in a microwave first) fold in some plain yogurt or creme fraiche.

Gently spoon a tiny amount of the mixture on top of the spread then use some fruit as decoration.

How simple is that!

The combinations are endless as well, below are chocolate & cherry using warm nutella, cherries crushed into creme fraiche and a halved cherry on top. And lemon and raspberry, using lemon curd topped with rasberries crushed into yogurt with a dash of maple.

meringue desserts
lemon and rasberry meringue
lemon and rasberry meringue dessert

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