Monday, 6 October 2014

Lush Gift Set

I got this Lush gift set for my birthday months ago and having been stashing it ready for the winter season where I will take baths more. I got it all out of it's pretty box to have a good sniff of everything and dream of the bath times I have waiting around the corner.

Lots and lots of goodies there right? This lovely lot will be finding their way into my bath tub in the coming weeks, as I enjoy lots of evening soaks!

So what do I have in amongst that lovely lot?

Dream time bath melt:  this little melt contains lavender and chamomile to help relax you to ensure a good nights sleep, all whilst moisturising your skin with cocoa butter and almond oil.

Blackberry bath bomb: this little treasure is packed with bergamot which is good for helping with tension and anxiety, maybe I should bath in this one daily to help me cope with my nightmare job!

Ceridwen's Cauldron: This bath melt is choc full of oils to really nourish your skin, and it comes wrapped in a muslin cloth that you can use to wash with.

Therapy massage bar: packed with shea and cocoa butter this is meant to provide your skin with lots of moisture as well as containing the uplifting smell of sweet orange oil.

A french kiss bubble bar: a little treasure to create lots of calming lavender bubbles to help you sleep like a baby, with the added bonus of coconut oil to keep your skin soft.

Silky underwear dusting powder: use it like talcum powder to leave skin silky and smelling gorgeous.

Aqua Mirabilis: a body butter bar containing tiny bits of almond shell to scrub away dry skin.

Dream Cream: a tub of body lotion to help soothe even sensitive skin, apparently great for people with eczema

Skin's shangri la: a facial moisturiser containing cocoa butter and beeswax as well as rosemary which is known for it's anti bacterial qualities

lush haul
lush haul

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