Thursday, 16 October 2014

DIY Table Centres

Keeping up with the promise to myself to have a lovely table centre throughout Autumn and Winter, I have come up with a few ideas after scouring the internet for hours. I love natural materials for October, I adore how rustic and back to nature it can look but at the same time be so pretty.

fall centrepiece, candles, jars filled with nuts

I came up with the idea to wrap some natural coloured twine around the top of some old jars and fill them with nuts and a tea light. They look so beautiful and make great centre pieces if displayed as a group, but they also look cute on their own on a coffee table.

fall centrepiece
fall centrepiece

I love this one too, a display of beautiful green apples nestled with the rest of the nuts I used in the jars and surround the whole lot with glowing candles and pumpkins.

fall centrepiece

They aren't expensive to make or hard to do, just take a little imagination of what beautiful autumnal goodies you can lay your hands on to bring a little bit of nature indoors to admire.


  1. Wow these are great :) so creative yet simple to do!
    The first one is my favourite :) perfect for this time of year.
    I've nominated you to do the Liebster Blog Award tag.
    I hope you don’t mind (and sorry if you’ve already done it)!
    Here is the link to my post where I tag you:
    Send me a link to your post if you decide to do it!

    A Girl From Glasgow – Julie x

    1. Thanks Julie, they are so quick and easy to do. Perfect if you're lazy like me! ;)


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