Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Autumn Candles

Now's the time for soft candlelight to be filling your home, it's warming and cosy and if the candles are scented they will fill your home with the smells of Autumn.

I have a couple of candles to tell you about, these are the warm scents I have buying this October.

yankee candles

I am a massive fan of Yankee candles, I love standing in the shops pulling the lids of the jars and taking in a huge long sniff of all their lovely fragrances, and when the seasonal candles come out. I almost self combust with excitement!

One of my favourite comforting smells is black cherry, I love anything cherry, the smell, the taste, the look it has me sold. But this candle has me loving it's deep, rich fruity fragrance and I enjoy sparking up this baby when it's cold outside.

My next autumn candle is another yankee and it's called Honey Glow, it's got such a warm comforting scent, it screams cold evening candle.

yankee candle, honey glow

Last up is a budget candle to prove that not smelly candles have to cost the earth, I picked this one up at the supermarket for £2. It's by febreze and it's called festive spice and it has notes of sandalwood, vanilla and amber and it smells all toasty and snuggly.

febreze festive spice candle

What candles do you like burning this time of year?

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