Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Healthy Eating Update

I have been trying to get myself back on track eating wise for a few weeks now, for the most part I am doing pretty well. I am snacking far less than I was and I have also noticed it takes less food for me to feel full which is always a bonus. I am once again learning that feeling a little bit of hunger isn't the end of the world and I don't need to eat whatever I lay my hands on in order to make it go away.

I am trying to eat mindfully as much as I can, I feel this is a wonderful way of really learning to listen to your body and respond to what it needs. It takes a lot of practise to be able to tune into your body and take notice, especially if you are used to mindlessly wolfing food down like it's your last meal ever!

If you have never heard of mindful eating, it's really worth reading up on it. In a nutshell it's about taking the time to listen to your body and eat what you really truly fancy, that doesn't mean reach for that double cream cake followed by another one. If you take the time to think deeply about what you want to eat it will probably surprise you, and once you have some food in front of you make sure you sit down and give it your full attention. Eat slowly, pausing and putting your cutlery down between mouthfuls and enjoy every bite, engage your brain and think about the texture and taste of the food and chew it properly. In essence it's about teaching yourself to really enjoy your food and totally immerse yourself in the moment. If you give it your undivided attention and think about every mouthful then the chances are you will feel satisfied sooner, as well as giving your brain the time to send those all important signals that you are full.

I know this can all sound a little far fetched, but if you can be open minded and take on board the simple ideas behind it then you will notice the difference. The technique is teaching you to be more in tune with your body and listen to it's needs rather than letting yourself be seduced into thinking you want something you don't. Are you really hungry? If not then don't eat, wait until you are.

The type of things I have been having a lot of recently are smoothies, salad and lots of grains. I'm trying to pick foods to give me nourishment as well as enjoyment.

healthy salad, avocado salad
avocado salad
I love salad anyway so it's no big deal for me to eat it a lot. I don't feel like it's diet food, I make it filling and satisfying by adding avocado and grains like cous cous or quinoa.

black forest smoothie, fruit smoothie
Having a smoothie in the morning made with low fat creme fraiche, fruit and coconut rice milk keeps me full up until lunch. This one is a black forest smoothie made with frozen berries and some chocolate protein powder. Very tasty indeed!

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