Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Blogging Problems

Do you ever feel so totally overwhelmed by the endless ideas you have for your blog and all the wonderful things you would like to create? I have always had a huge imagination and been a total day dreamer, in fact life has always been far better in my head than in reality. As a child I dreamt of amazing stories and far away lands filled with mystical creatures. Now I am an adult I still dream most of the time, these days it's less about strange beings and more about things that could possibly be true in some alternate universe.

I dream big and sometimes I have so many ideas that my head could bust into a million tiny pieces, my biggest problem isn't the dreaming, it's the doing! I have real trouble implementing these dreams and ideas and making them reality. Not all of them are out of reach and totally hair brained, but I struggle to organise myself and make things happen. I wish this wasn't the case, I wish I could be braver, more of a risk taker, a do-er. I would love to be able to throw caution to the wind and take an idea and make it happen and create something sensational! But something always has to get in the way doesn't it?

Dreams, dreams come true

How can I make that less of the case? In this world filled with opportunities and excitement, how do I take something from dream to reality if I don't have the courage or skill set to do so? How can I enable myself to push the boundaries, go out and make it happen regardless of what everyone else thinks? Like following the yellow brick road, will I find someone at the emerald city to give me more courage to chase the rainbow?

I have so many big ideas for this here little blog and I would love to be able to create them so you could see what is inside my head.

Maybe one day, maybe soon I will be able to. Do you dream big, or do you make it happen?

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