Sunday, 31 August 2014

Powder problems

You never know how good  something is until you use something that is really bad! I have run out of my beloved smashbox powder and have been using rimmel stay matte pressed powder until I can get into boots to buy more.

face powder

I bought this stuff years ago and as far as I remember it worked just fine, I used the same foundation back then as well, so why do I think it's so awful this time? 
Maybe it worked when I used it 3 years ago because I was naughty and didn't used to moisturise,  I've always had troublesome skin and went by the common misconception that it would only make my skin more spotty and greasy. Now I am older and more paranoid about wrinkles I moisturise every day, so maybe that is the reason the powder isn't cutting it anymore and I end up resembling an oil slick by the end of the day (or by about lunch time).

face powder, rimmel

It feels cakey on my skin, looks powdery, doesn't keep the shine down and doesn't seem to set my foundation at all. I just look like a greasy shiny mess with this product and it clings around my nose and looks terrible.
I do understand that there are plenty of people who love the rimmel powder and it works just fine for their skin type, and more than this being a post bashing the rimmel one, it's a realisation that I have found a powder that I really love and for me other powders just don't rival it.

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