Sunday, 17 August 2014

Make-up Junkie | Hoarding Products

Make-up, hoarding

Sitting here on a relaxed (boring) Sunday,  I was thinking about what my next blog post would be about. Did I want to blog about a product I have? Or tell you about my make - up routine? None of that inspired me to write on this dull summers day. However I did glance across the room at the pile of products that I have been too lazy to put away after photographing the other day and they sparked the question, why do I buy so many items that I never use?

I am such a magpie that I get completely woo-ed into buying things because they are pretty or shiny. My mind races with all the ideas of how I'm going to wear these products but then I never get round to doing it! Why does that happen? Does this mean I have some horrific hoarding tendency,  am I eventually going to end up living in a house that is so choc full of stuff I'm not going to be able to move? Oh god, am I going to have to get 50 cats to complete the look? I don't even like cats,  so this is a scary idea for me. 

make-up, eye shadows, too faced

I buy things with the best intentions,  I get them because I like the look of them and am excited to use them, I then get these items home stare at them for a bit and  put them away and then for some reason never get around to it. There is always some excuse for it as well isn't there? I don't go out enough to wear that bright blue eye shadow,  I want to photograph and blog about that before I use it, I need to do an outfit post with that first but it's been raining too much to take the photo's!  

make-up, beauty products

I tried making a promise to myself weeks ago that I was going to use some different colours and items of make - up instead of just sticking to the same old stuff, yeah I haven't got round to that one either yet! I just frustrate myself all the time it seems.
Please tell me you do it too? I would welcome your confessions below in the comments.

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  1. those are pretty warm tone colours perfect for autumn and winter! love it


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