Monday, 18 August 2014

Lily Allens Wardrobe Malfunction at V Festival

On Sunday Lily had a little outfit mishap on stage at V festival, she wasn't wearing a bra under her silver jumpsuit and seeing as it had such a plunging neckline it might have been advisable in order to prevent the whole world seeing her boob pop out! So the question I have to ask is was it an accident, or was she hoping it would happen because she knew it would get her more publicity?

At V Festival 2014

It wasn't the first time Lily had donned this outfit, she was sporting the same threads during her performance opening for Miley Cyrus earlier this month where the same thing happened! Now call me cynical but if I was silly enough to not tape my plunging neckline down the first time and my outfit failed to contain my modesty, I certainly wouldn't go and wear the same thing again without some serious thought going into how I would get the clothing to stay put, unless I was intending for it to flash the goods to the crowd.

Opening for Miley Cyrus 2014
What do you think of Ms Allens outfit malfuntion?

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