Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fresh Start | Healthy Eating

I have got myself stuck in a massive bad eating rut, I'm not quite sure how this happened but I have been on a downwards spiral for a couple of months now and have been eating way more junk food than I care to admit! My boyfriend works away a lot so quite often I find myself in a lazy mood where I can't really be bothered to cook myself a proper dinner and just end up slinging together some rubbish on a plate just to stop my belly from growling! I also make goodness knows how many trips to the kitchen cupboards and fridge to get snacks because there is no-one there to tell me not to and no-one there to make me feel a little ashamed of how much rubbish I'm actually eating.

I will admit some of my dark guilty secrets, recently I have been eating a share size bag of crisps for dinner because I can't be bothered to cook, on too many occasions and I have also been known to finish an entire pack of biscuits in one day, all of which I am not proud of and I would never have done a few months ago. But I am caught in this bad habit and can't seem to snap myself out of it and frequently tell myself it's ok because I missed breakfast so a pack of biscuits/crisps/cake doesn't count. Now the sensible part of my brain knows this isn't the case, but it seems that it's not shouting loudly enough and is being drowned out by the little devil permanently sitting on my shoulder drooling and rubbing his hands together.

I don't feel myself, I feel really tired all the time and have to drag my butt out of bed each morning almost crying at the thought of going all day without being able to have a nap. I also don't feel good about the lbs that are creeping in around my hips and thighs making all my clothes too tight.

If I don't tame the beast now it will soon be Autumn and I will be seduced by all the comforting winter drinks, cakes and treats and before you know it Christmas will be upon us with all it's chocolates, mince pies and hot drinks piled high with squirty cream (oh how I love squirty cream) and I will be having to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe 2 sizes up! Which will not make me feel good about myself and then I might have to quit work and just hide in my room from the shame of letting this happen. (Maybe a little dramatic, but it feels pretty real to me)

So how do I break the cycle now, when I haven't been able to before? I guess it comes down to, do I really want it? Well I think I do, I'm not happy with the way I look or feel at the moment and I know I am doing my body no favours at all. I am knowledgeable about food, it's not like I don't know what is good for me. I have a really good understanding of nutrition and diet, I just need a good kicking to help me get back into it.

I need a goal, a reason to do this, something to aim for. Back in January I set myself a challenge to lose 14lbs this year, and rather than lose them I'm pretty sure I am more than half way to gaining them! So I need to remember how it feels to look good in my clothes and be happier with the reflection looking back at me and hopefully that will spur me on to achieve this. I still have time to reach my goal before the end of the year, I just need to be really focused now and make the necessary changes to help me succeed!

This morning rather than making my usual cup of coffee, I made myself a massive green tea. I shall bask in the glory of my small achievements and before I know it they will be big achievements.


  1. This sounds exactly like me! Don't be too hard on yourself - I have also eaten biscuits by the packet! But I am on the health kick too now, hope it is going well!

    Danielle x

    1. I have been better the last couple of days, but I was bad last week, had chinese and lots of crisps! Getting into the swing of it again now though

  2. Hey, I tried to post a comment but not sure if it worked so I thought I'd rewrite (bit embarrassing if both come up now ha ha) basically I've just started a blog so I thought I'd introduce myself and say hello. Also I've written lots about clean eating and motivation so I thought that might help. Good luck with it all, it's always so worth it when you start seeing results!

    Antonia x

    1. No worries Antonia, it only came up once. I have luckily got back into the swing of things and have been a lot better this week. No junk food, lots of fruit and salad and grains. Hopefully I will start to see the benefit and it will spur me on even more. Thanks for your comment, I'll pop over to your blog and take a look around. x


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