Sunday, 31 August 2014

Powder problems

You never know how good  something is until you use something that is really bad! I have run out of my beloved smashbox powder and have been using rimmel stay matte pressed powder until I can get into boots to buy more.

face powder

I bought this stuff years ago and as far as I remember it worked just fine, I used the same foundation back then as well, so why do I think it's so awful this time? 
Maybe it worked when I used it 3 years ago because I was naughty and didn't used to moisturise,  I've always had troublesome skin and went by the common misconception that it would only make my skin more spotty and greasy. Now I am older and more paranoid about wrinkles I moisturise every day, so maybe that is the reason the powder isn't cutting it anymore and I end up resembling an oil slick by the end of the day (or by about lunch time).

face powder, rimmel

It feels cakey on my skin, looks powdery, doesn't keep the shine down and doesn't seem to set my foundation at all. I just look like a greasy shiny mess with this product and it clings around my nose and looks terrible.
I do understand that there are plenty of people who love the rimmel powder and it works just fine for their skin type, and more than this being a post bashing the rimmel one, it's a realisation that I have found a powder that I really love and for me other powders just don't rival it.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Kim Kardashian Flashes Too Much Boobage?

I'm all for pushing fashion boundaries, I believe fashion is an expression of yourself. So if you choose to wear a dress that almost plunges to your navel to an awards ceremony, what does that say about you?

Kim Kardashion donned this extremely low cut dress for the VMA's this week in California, and although I actually quite like the dress; I think it would have been better suited to a lady less endowed than Kim, then it wouldn't have ended up looking so cheap! She certainly wasn't following the rule of legs or cleavage but not both together.

I'm sorry to say I think the look is just a bit trashy, Kim was certainly blessed in the boob department but that doesn't mean she should have them out on display quite so much. I personally think she should have gone for something a little more elegant and kept those puppies under wraps for the evening.

Some might think she is getting a little hot under the collar now her younger sisters Kendall and Kylie have come of age and seem to be taking the fashion and celeb world by storm. Is she trying to prove that she is still the reining sister, despite the young whipper snappers being hot on her heels?

If that's the case, Kim needs to take a breath and step back. She is in a completely different place in her life to the two youngsters and is now in her thirties, married with a child. She has had years of being in the limelight and being a fashion icon to many, it's ok to let them take over. It doesn't mean you are any less fabulous, just for a different audience now.

What do you think of the dress?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fresh Start | Healthy Eating

I have got myself stuck in a massive bad eating rut, I'm not quite sure how this happened but I have been on a downwards spiral for a couple of months now and have been eating way more junk food than I care to admit! My boyfriend works away a lot so quite often I find myself in a lazy mood where I can't really be bothered to cook myself a proper dinner and just end up slinging together some rubbish on a plate just to stop my belly from growling! I also make goodness knows how many trips to the kitchen cupboards and fridge to get snacks because there is no-one there to tell me not to and no-one there to make me feel a little ashamed of how much rubbish I'm actually eating.

I will admit some of my dark guilty secrets, recently I have been eating a share size bag of crisps for dinner because I can't be bothered to cook, on too many occasions and I have also been known to finish an entire pack of biscuits in one day, all of which I am not proud of and I would never have done a few months ago. But I am caught in this bad habit and can't seem to snap myself out of it and frequently tell myself it's ok because I missed breakfast so a pack of biscuits/crisps/cake doesn't count. Now the sensible part of my brain knows this isn't the case, but it seems that it's not shouting loudly enough and is being drowned out by the little devil permanently sitting on my shoulder drooling and rubbing his hands together.

I don't feel myself, I feel really tired all the time and have to drag my butt out of bed each morning almost crying at the thought of going all day without being able to have a nap. I also don't feel good about the lbs that are creeping in around my hips and thighs making all my clothes too tight.

If I don't tame the beast now it will soon be Autumn and I will be seduced by all the comforting winter drinks, cakes and treats and before you know it Christmas will be upon us with all it's chocolates, mince pies and hot drinks piled high with squirty cream (oh how I love squirty cream) and I will be having to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe 2 sizes up! Which will not make me feel good about myself and then I might have to quit work and just hide in my room from the shame of letting this happen. (Maybe a little dramatic, but it feels pretty real to me)

So how do I break the cycle now, when I haven't been able to before? I guess it comes down to, do I really want it? Well I think I do, I'm not happy with the way I look or feel at the moment and I know I am doing my body no favours at all. I am knowledgeable about food, it's not like I don't know what is good for me. I have a really good understanding of nutrition and diet, I just need a good kicking to help me get back into it.

I need a goal, a reason to do this, something to aim for. Back in January I set myself a challenge to lose 14lbs this year, and rather than lose them I'm pretty sure I am more than half way to gaining them! So I need to remember how it feels to look good in my clothes and be happier with the reflection looking back at me and hopefully that will spur me on to achieve this. I still have time to reach my goal before the end of the year, I just need to be really focused now and make the necessary changes to help me succeed!

This morning rather than making my usual cup of coffee, I made myself a massive green tea. I shall bask in the glory of my small achievements and before I know it they will be big achievements.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Lily Allens Wardrobe Malfunction at V Festival

On Sunday Lily had a little outfit mishap on stage at V festival, she wasn't wearing a bra under her silver jumpsuit and seeing as it had such a plunging neckline it might have been advisable in order to prevent the whole world seeing her boob pop out! So the question I have to ask is was it an accident, or was she hoping it would happen because she knew it would get her more publicity?

At V Festival 2014

It wasn't the first time Lily had donned this outfit, she was sporting the same threads during her performance opening for Miley Cyrus earlier this month where the same thing happened! Now call me cynical but if I was silly enough to not tape my plunging neckline down the first time and my outfit failed to contain my modesty, I certainly wouldn't go and wear the same thing again without some serious thought going into how I would get the clothing to stay put, unless I was intending for it to flash the goods to the crowd.

Opening for Miley Cyrus 2014
What do you think of Ms Allens outfit malfuntion?

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Make-up Junkie | Hoarding Products

Make-up, hoarding

Sitting here on a relaxed (boring) Sunday,  I was thinking about what my next blog post would be about. Did I want to blog about a product I have? Or tell you about my make - up routine? None of that inspired me to write on this dull summers day. However I did glance across the room at the pile of products that I have been too lazy to put away after photographing the other day and they sparked the question, why do I buy so many items that I never use?

I am such a magpie that I get completely woo-ed into buying things because they are pretty or shiny. My mind races with all the ideas of how I'm going to wear these products but then I never get round to doing it! Why does that happen? Does this mean I have some horrific hoarding tendency,  am I eventually going to end up living in a house that is so choc full of stuff I'm not going to be able to move? Oh god, am I going to have to get 50 cats to complete the look? I don't even like cats,  so this is a scary idea for me. 

make-up, eye shadows, too faced

I buy things with the best intentions,  I get them because I like the look of them and am excited to use them, I then get these items home stare at them for a bit and  put them away and then for some reason never get around to it. There is always some excuse for it as well isn't there? I don't go out enough to wear that bright blue eye shadow,  I want to photograph and blog about that before I use it, I need to do an outfit post with that first but it's been raining too much to take the photo's!  

make-up, beauty products

I tried making a promise to myself weeks ago that I was going to use some different colours and items of make - up instead of just sticking to the same old stuff, yeah I haven't got round to that one either yet! I just frustrate myself all the time it seems.
Please tell me you do it too? I would welcome your confessions below in the comments.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Splurge or Save

When it comes to buying make-up there is a huge range to choose from out there, so how do you know which products are best to spend your money on and is it worth paying out more money for products or will budget products work just as well?

Some products are worth spending a little more on, and others you can save your pennies. I have put together a list of some frequently used products and where it's best to splurge or save.

Make-up, Michelle Louise Love

Foundation - Splurge

This is the product you use the most of on a daily basis, it cover the whole of your face and creates the base for the rest of your make-up. I feel that unless you have really good skin this is where you would really benefit from spending a little bit more and getting yourself a high end foundation. The quality of the product will be better, it should have more staying power so will still look good at the end of the day instead of having worn off. A high end foundation will provide better coverage and often the colour match will be more natural as well. I have used both high end and budget foundations and I always have a nicer result with high end. Although it may seem an expensive outlay a bottle should last the best part of a year (unless you cake it on), not so expensive now huh?

Powder - Splurge

I know this isn't a very exciting product, we would all much rather spend money on something pretty or colourful but this will help keep you from looking shiny (not cute) and set your foundation so you get a longer wear out of it. If you don't spend as much on powder it can look cakey and powdery on the skin and make your skin look a funny colour. Some might not help keep shine under control either, so this is a good product to spend a little more cash on and go for quality.

Blusher - Save

Most budget blushers are pretty good, so this is a good place to save a penny or two. You can always spend a little more time blending the colour to get the finish you want.


Eye Shadow - Splurge

Cheap eye shadows often don't blend very well or have great colour pay off, you really do get what you pay for. Higher end shadows should blend with ease, be colour rich and have good staying power without creasing.

Mascara - Save

Mascara dries up and goes off so fast it's just not worth spending out a lot of money on them. Even a lot of make-up artists will use budget mascara because of this. Drug store ranges will often give as good result as you would get from a designer brand so don't feel bad about making savings on this one.

make-up, urban decay, MAC

Lipstick - Save

I have gone back and forth on this one but finally decided it should go in the save list. My reason for this is because even high end lipsticks will also wear off and need reapplying throughout the day so you won't really get much better staying power by spending more. You may get a creamier formula when spending more, but if you are on a budget I think this is a good place to save a little as it can be better spent elsewhere.

What products do you like to spend a little more on and why?

Monday, 11 August 2014

My Make-up Base Essentials

Make-up artists believe that the starting point to a good make-up look is getting a fantastic base, if the skin looks great then the rest will follow. (I don't necessarily believe this myself, because no matter how good the base, if the lipstick is all wonky then no-one is going to care about anything other than staring at that mess)

I do believe that we are all attracted to beautiful skin, we all want it, we all try our hardest to have it and are jealous of those that have lovely clear, smooth complexions, and we all try continually to create the illusion of it.

I unfortunately wasn't blessed with great skin, and have always struggled to keep it looking adequate let alone great and on good days I just about manage with the help of these products.

flawless base make-up

I start by using my trusty Oil of Olay day cream, I have strange skin that tends to be oily but also goes flaky as well so I have to be careful with moisturisers. If it's too heavy it makes me look really greasy but if it's too light I will end up with flaky patches so I can't really win! Oil of Olay is light yet nourishing and my skin seems to like it, it doesn't give me any redness or irritation so for now I'm happy with this one, (oh and by the way it's an anti ageing one so will hopefully keep the pesky wrinkles at bay a little longer). Using a moisturiser gives me a good base and my foundation glides on smoother than it would without.

Olay day lotion

I am on the fence about the Smashbox primer, I have a sample of the photo finish one and have used it a few times but for me I haven't noticed the difference. My foundation stayed put really well without it and I don't find it makes a difference to the way the foundation applies and it hasn't made the pores on my nose look any less noticeable. Maybe this would be better for someone with quite oily skin, it may prevent them from looking shiny and keep the foundation in place for longer. Personally I can skip this step for the time being, my skin may change over time and I will look into a primer again at some point, especially a pore minimising one!

Smashbox photo finish primer

I have been using MAC studio fix fluid for 4 years now, I'm reluctant to try other brands in case they don't measure up. I also find it hard to find a colour match for foundation, as I am pale with yellow undertones and it seems the UK market is much more geared towards pale with pink undertones which make me look like I have some sort of weird skin irritation going on.

MAC studio fix fluid foundation
MAC NW13 studio fix fluid

The last time I put my trust in a counter girl for Estee Lauder she sold me a shade that was way too dark and I looked like I had mixed a teaspoon of mud into my foundation!

So what do I look for in a foundation? I personally need something with good coverage, a fluid that is creamy but not too oily because I have combination skin, and it needs to have good staying power. I get all of that from studio fix and shade NW13 is a perfect match for my pale skin as well.

To set the foundation, give it a matte finish and prevent shine I use Smashbox photo set finishing powder. I love this powder and have done a review on it before. It is completely translucent so works for any skin colour, it's also really finely milled so doesn't sit in all the creases of your skin and leave you looking like you have been having a flour fight.

Smashbox photo set finishing powder

So that's it, there are the steps I use to create my flawless base (if I'm having a good skin day).

What are your favourite products?

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Nails Of The Day | Sloane Avenue

Nails Inc sloane avenue

Time for another NOTD, today I have used Sloane Avenue by Nails Inc, this shade was part of their  nail polish diary that I got Christmas last year, it contains 12 different polishes and I haven't got round to trying them all yet. A lot of the other colours are quite glittery and I don't often use that type because I hate trying to get glitter polish off, it's a massive pain in the butt!

Anyway this colour is really cute and summery, it's kind of a coral shade and would look lovely on dark or tanned skin.

Nails Inc sloane avenue

My only real issue with Nails Inc polishes that I don't get with my OPI ones is the little air bubbles that form all over my nails, they don't look so great when you get up close and it's a little annoying. Anyone else get this?

Monday, 4 August 2014

Neon nails | Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate

Time for a new #NOTD, today I have painted them with a shade by Nails Inc called Notting Hill Gate. It's a striking neon pink colour that looks amazing on.

Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate
Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate

I am quite fond of Nails Inc polishes as they go on very nicely and have quite a thin consistency that is easy to work with but still provides great coverage.

Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate, nail polish
Neon Pink nail polish

This look was achieved with 2 coats and looks great.

What do you think of the colour?
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