Sunday, 13 July 2014

Urban Decay Smokey Eye

I don't often wear a smokey eye, there are two main reasons for this. 1) I am lazy and most of the time couldn't be bothered with the effort it takes to put on more make-up than I usually do, 2) I personally don't think it would be appropriate to wear it during the day time as it is a little heavy going on pale skin.

Having said that I do like the look, and I like the way it makes my green eyes pop so I shall attempt to do it a little more often (if I can be bothered).

Products used:

MAC studio fix fluid in NW13
Smashbox translucent power
NARS blusher in Orgasm
Urban Decay eyeshadows in:
Creep, Virgin, Darkhorse, Vice.

smokey eye, Michelle Louise Love

I started by buffing Darkhorse just above the crease, then pressed Creep all over my lid and used a fluffy brush to smudge the edges so it blends into Darkhorse. I also smudged the remainder of Creep that was on my brush on my lower lashline. I wanted to add a little warmth and colour to the look so pressed some Vice all over the top of my lids to give it a deep purple hue. Lastly I added a little bit of Virgin into the inner corners and brow bone to life the look and finished with liquid liner and mascara.

Michelle Louise Love, Urban Decay
Michelle Louise Love, Urban Decay Naked palette


Sorry for the picture quality of this post, I had to use my camera images so they aren't as good as I would have liked : (


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