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Summer Holiday | Part Four

This post will conclude my holiday series, which for me is a little sad as I have had a lot of fun writing them and re-living the moments. This was the best holiday I have ever been on, I had so much fun and laughed a lot every single day. That wasn't just down to the destination or the activities but more to do with who I was with. I will take this opportunity to tell the world how wonderful I think my boyfriend is and how he's my best friend, makes me smile and feel incredibly loved. Right, now that bit is over I shall get on with the matter in hand.

Day 4 of our holiday started with a relaxing boat ride from Puerto Rico to Puerto de Mogan. When the boat was pulling into the port I couldn't stop admiring the pretty little buildings, no wonder the locals call it "Little Venice". I couldn't wait to get out and explore the village and even better, it was market day so there was a lot of hustle and bustle. We strolled through the market and had a browse at the stalls but we were more interested in exploring the cute little streets and admiring the flower adorned apartments, as well as the tranquillity of the boats gently swaying on the water. The whole town was so idyllic and beautiful we couldn't help but take a mammoth amount of photos.

Puerto de mogan
puerto de mogan
puerto de mogan

I honestly had fallen in love with how quaint and pretty the village was, the buildings had those adorable windows and they were all painted pretty colours and there were flowers in bloom everywhere you looked.

gran canaria

We found a cute beach front cafe and sat to have a drink and do some people watching for a while, and I fumbled around trying to get the "perfect" photo of my drink of which I did not succeed, but never the less it was a mighty tasty drink and not at all refreshing because in my infinite wisdom I chose a chocca mocha lots of chocolate sauce concoction.

We headed back to the hotel shortly after that and enjoyed an afternoon of gym, sauna and hot tub before dinner, then stuffed our faces with lots of fantastic food. This might have even been the night that I had one too many desserts and made myself feel a tad unwell, but come on the hotel should know not to put out black forest gateaux, tiramisu AND a chocolate fountain all on the same night! How could I possibly not have a bit of everything?


Day 6 was spent in the capital city of Las Palmas, where we explored the main shopping area's and sights. 

Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria, Michelle Louise Love
Michelle Louise Love, Las Palmas

We learnt a lot about Gran Canaria from our tour guide, he was lovely and very knowlegable. So although we didn't really seem to do a whole lot on this day it was enjoyable. If you are the sort of person who likes to shop then this would have been perfect for you as we visited 2 different shopping malls as well as a high street, and there were a lot of bags and jewellery to drool over.

Gran Canaria

The last twenty minutes or so of this excursion we spent sitting down at the sea front watching the surfers, before getting on the coach and heading back to the hotel.

After dinner every night we would sit in the bar and enjoy a couple of drinks and listen to the live music or watch the entertainment. I will always smile fondly at the memory of Lorenzo the waiter rushing about and his cheeky sense of humour and the way he would dance as he brought your drinks to the table.

Gran Canaria Princess

Our last full day was spent mostly at the beach, where we took out a pedalo and walked along the shore with our feet in the water and visited the sand dunes. My only regret would be doing that in the middle of the day as the sand was scorching hot and my mind couldn't concentrate on how amazing the dunes looked whilst the skin was quite possibly melting off the soles of my feet. I wish we had gone back in the evening and watched the sunset from the dunes as it would have been magical. But I guess we will save that for next time.

Our flight home was early evening on the Monday so we had breakfast, packed up our room and once again wandered down to the beach front. We were just killing time until our flight this day unfortunately and squeezed in some tapas around 3pm before we left as we weren't going to have any dinner on the journey home. I was really sad to leave the island and return home, but will always cherish the amazing memories I made. 

The only bittersweet part of the holiday was the fact that my Pandora bracelet went missing from our room, but that will teach me for taking something so sentimental on holiday. Lesson learnt, only ever take junky jewellery.

Farewell Gran Canaria!

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