Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Food With No Calories

Bit of a random odd post today, but hey I like to mix it up and keep you guys on your toes!

I was thinking as I stuffed a mini bagel in my mouth (which still has 160 calories might I add despite being so small) wouldn't it be cool if you could pick 5 foods that could be calorie free. You could pick your 5 top eats and be able to stuff your face with them as much as you like and they wouldn't count! I know, you're all thinking that would be the most amazing thing!!

SO I have sat and debated what I would put on such a list. It's really hard, I mean only 5 foods that you could eat guilt free when there is so much tastiness out there to be scoffed. I know you are thinking why would I take so much time to decide because it's not like it's going to happen, so what if you change your mind in five minutes. But I like to take these things seriously you know?

Here's my list:

1) my mums shepherds pie, this stuff is soooo fattening because it has so much calorific goodness. Creamy mash, cheese, baked beans, mince, carrots, peas and sweetcorn (all the sugar laden veggies). As a child I would stand watching this stuff cook through the oven door impatiently asking every couple of minutes "is it ready yet"

2) tiramisu, my ultimate favourite dessert. Creamy coffee goodness!

3) Burgers, any burger no matter what was in it as long as it was named a burger would count. Hand me the biggest cheesy, bacon-y, avocado-y burger with sauce dripping out YUM I did want to include fries in with this but then I thought that would be cheating because they are two different types of food and I can't cheat on my imaginary zero calorie rule!

4) Fries/chips whatever you like to call them whether they are skinny fries all crisp and crunchy or big old fat chip shop chips they would be on the list!

5) I wanted to cheat again here and put Indian takeaway so I could have as much of everything as I like, it was so hard to decide on just one more thing! I think I have settled on passanda, problem is I have no more free calories left for something to go with my curry, so I guess I will be eating curry on chips because I don't think it would really go with tiramisu!

Go on and indulge me in my little fantasy and tell me what would be on your list in the comments below!

Happy Eating


  1. What a great idea! I would definitely have included pizza on that list because I just love pizza! I could eat it all day every day. Other than that, I'd probably swap the tiramisu for chocolate cake!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

    1. My boyfriend says the same thing about pizza, it's his all time fave food and he would eat it every day if he could! Wouldn't it be great to eat as much of the things you love as you wanted without worrying you might get fat?


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