Friday, 18 July 2014

Are #bbloggers too fickle?

I read a lot of beauty blogs and always see new posts popping up on my twitter feed about the latest must have product. Which brings me to my point, are beauty bloggers too fickle when it comes to products? Do the majority of us keep changing up the things we use constantly in search of something better, or do bloggers feel they have to keep trying new things in order for them to have new content for their blog?

I tend to stick to the things I like, I always use peaches and clean to cleanse, oil of olay to moisturise, and St Ives to scrub. I am a creature of habit, and quite loyal to a brand when I find something I like and that works well with my fussy skin. Does that make me a bad beauty blogger? Should I always be changing everything up all the time and slapping on the next miracle product in order to have something new to review to keep the readers coming back? I have to keep wondering is this actually good for your skin to use so many different types of products?

Oil of olay, peaches and clean

Although I stay loyal to my basic skin care routine and have my favourite make-up products I do like to try out lots of new colours from the brands I love, but I tend to go with the mantra "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

I am the third generation of female in my family to be using oil of olay, (or ulay as it was when I was a child) I remember watching my nan applying the cream to her face whilst sitting in her armchair sipping on a cup of coffee, and then it started popping up in my mum's bathroom cabinet, so it was no wonder that it was my first choice when I got to the point where I knew I needed to be sensible and start using a moisturiser on a daily basis. I have used another couple of brands but I am very happy with my olay, its light enough that it doesn't leave me feeling greasy, but nourishing enough that my skin isn't too dry, it sinks in well and doesn't leave my skin red and irritated. I think I am on this bandwagon for some time and feel no real need to try something new. For this product I am not fickle!

Do you change up your products all the time? Or have you found your holy grail product that you are loyal to?


  1. Although I am quite new to blogging, I like you most of the time stick to my usual skin care products. Mainly as the next new thing is usually so expensive I couldn't afford to go and buy it without finishing my old product. Although I do like to try new face masks and have a few now but I will use them in time.
    But I don't think that I would have to go and buy something to review just to keep people coming back to my blog, and lets face it if it is the 'new' thing then everyone will be reviewing it at the same time :)

    1. Fair comments Pam, often you will find that when a new product comes out it will be on every beauty blog and it's rammed down your throat. I think it's nice to have a few favourite products that you stick to regardless of all the hype of new ones on the market. If something is still being reviewed and talked about fondly a few years down the line then you know it's worth its salt.
      Welcome to blogging by the way, hope you are enjoying it. x

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  3. I suffer with acne/oily skin so I was constantly trying something different each week. Not because I wanted to blog about it, but because I wanted clear/oil free skin. I never did find my holy grail beauty product. My acne is down to hormones so I'm on anti-biotics and the doctor gave me a cream that peels away the first layer of my skin - it's worked wonders. That's my holy grail product as my skin has cleared up. When I first started blogging I did feel some pressure to have the latest beauty product and blog about it but now I don't care. I blog about the things I like and have used for a while. I'm not wasting money on products just to blog about it. Xx


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